Yummi ideas for Easter

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Starter: Roasted Sesame Asparagus Toasts with Poached Eggs
the how-tos: here at Pinterest

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Main: Garlic Brown Sugar Flank Steak with Chimichurri
looks so yummi: find out more at Pinterest

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On the side: Maple Bacon Brussels, Pear and Blue Cheese salad,
I made it yesterday it is soooo tasteful – recipe here.
Pear and Blue Cheese salad

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And for dessert: Lemon tartlets with olive oil. Crisp, soft, sour, sweet,
and yellow – very yummi: find the recipe here.

I can not decide … there’s so many yummi recipes + ideas
at Pinterest. More mmm… for Easter here.

Extra virgin healthy oils

olive oil, dean&deluca, extra virgin olive oil, olive, yummi design, healthy oils, blog about food and design yummidesign, art director signe boyeIn the last days I have been testing and researching olive oils because I want the good taste and the nutritious effect as a healthy boost for my body. I decided to share it with you.

I NEED SOME FACTS because some of the olive oil producers labels are very informative, but many are NOT. And since there is such a difference in having an extra virgin olive oil compared to what some call “lamp oil” = the normal plain olive oil – I got totally confused! I needed to find the facts about olive oil.

The area (soil, weather etc.) and the kind of plant means a lot to the olives quality and color and are influencial on the taste of the oil and the complexity of the vitamins, and all the healthy ingredients the oil contains. I found out you can almost compare choosing a bottle of wine with choosing a bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. I found this very interesting. I have Never thought of that.

“Extra virgin olive oil” is directly from the pressed olives. Pure oil directly from the olives. Period. Which I probably thought was the same for all bottles of oil. But … oh no …
“Virgin olive oil” = pressed from the leftovers from the first bottles “extra virgin olive oil”. Sometimes mixed with thinner reduced “olive oil” mentioned below.
“Olive oil” = an ultra reduced version = a mix with all the above’s leftovers. Often a mix of oils from many different farms, regions, countries. And some calls this oil “lamp oil”.

HEALTHY CHOICE + full taste = the most nutritious choice for your body and food: avoid plain light colored olive oil in a big clear bottle. Buy the cloudy green pure olive oil = extra virgin olive oil. Buy from a single farmer (terrior – specific area).

TASTE to avoid bitter taste: good quality often gives you a more soft taste. Taste, taste and taste, we are all different and one oil suits seafoods, others veggies etc. You have to taste and compare and match with your needs and taste.

USE the oil before one month after opening. To avoid it get bitter (old!). Buy oils in a small, dark bottle – the dark glass/can protects the oil from the light + getting old too soon (it will get a dreadful bitter taste).

QUALITY not quantity: less and goooood! Small bottles.

BE AWARE OF REGION  – it not easy to find out on the labels, as mentioned before. Oils from a certain region or country, should be named “made and produced in”… not just “tapped” or “from”… Those terms on are very fluffy and then you cannot know for certain where the olive oil comes from or if it is a mix of oils. An oil “tapped in…” is often a mix with “lamp oils”! I was surpriced how clever the producers are.

A HEALTHY bottle of great extra virgin olive oil is pure good for your body and cheaper than the most trendy fancy fitness nutritionists’ oils.

REMEMBER do not heat up olive oil but use it for salad dressings etc. All the good effects in the oil breaks up in the heat. Use some canola oil, coconut oil or butter on the pan instead!

FINALLY I got a bit more vise in my search for the healthy green oil boosts and the bottles above would be in my cart if I come by Dean&Deluca. Minor detail: I’m in CPH – but one can dream of a Spring Break in NYC ;o)

Dean&Deluca’s webshop enjoy here

TOP from Italia: Santa Chiara Extra Virgin Olive Oil
MIDDLE bottle from La France: Castelas Extra Virgin Olive Oil
BOTTOM from Spain: Picual de Envero Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Hey, honey look here…


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I really need to do something about my favorite spot in our house, my number one working room: the kitchen – cause it is falling apart! The above inspiration is all I need well, hrmmm… I need to clean it up – make some decisions. Colors vs. clean white or cool blackn’whites? Color brights or deep darks? Wooden floors painted in white? Or black? All I know is: a change is needed right now ;o) mmmm… it gonna be so good! Enjoy the above inspiration here and at Elle Decoration Sweden. (minor detail: have to convince Jesper that above is urgent ;o)



I Fancy…

fancy, animals, kitchen, cuttingboard, cow closet, yummidesign blog about food and design, art director signe boyeAll animals found at Fancy – visit here

Make it a colorful Valentine

Naomi Robinson, bakers royale, valentines day, valentines, cocktails, romantic drinks, papaya, red grapefruit, dragonfruit, rosemary, strawberry, romatisk valentines, yummi design by signe boye, art direction within food and design, design for food, love foodWell, Valentine’s Day coming up. Why not do something colorful for your better half, best friend, who ever you think need some tender attention…  kick out the pink pastels and add some tropical notes, some hot, sweet, something new. No starters or main courses, skip dessert, make it easy: make some fruity cocktails (and you can make them super fruity with no alcohol).

#1 it’s a Singapore Sling turned tropical, or “made more tropical” with the addition of the papaya (the seeds are edible and will lend a peppery bite—totally up to you— take it or leave it) and some Serrano chilies for heat. I don’t know if the Long Bar at “Raffles Hotel” in Singapore would add Papaya & Serrano Sling to their list? Probably not! But I like this version, and I can feel a bit of peanut peels crunching under my feet while sipping it… And since my husband and I went there on our honeymoon this drink will be our 2014 Valentine cocktail.

#2 is full of blood orange against basil and it becomes the margarita meets French kiss cocktail wauuu… what a nice combination…

#3 is a very diffenrent cocktail where east meets west – a vodka chiller with dragon fruit plus melon and rosemary! Surprisingly good.

Want more edible colorful inspiration for Valentine (or any other day!): enjoy photographer + food specialist Naomi Robinson‘s work and recipes at her blog Bakers Royale. Naomi’s blog is full of recipes and yummi photos of cool drinks, savory finger snacks mmmm… there are so many lovely edible ways to say ILY. Enjoy – have spicy + yummi day.


PHOTO: Naomi Robinson Bakers Royale


Edible design that are so 2014

harvey nichols food store, london harvey nichols, riot of color, private label, signe boye art director, yummi design blog about food and designLove the HN Riot of Colour design mmmm… pumkin seed oil in blue, chocolate in bright tones, fruity preserves in hot combinations, nuts in berry colours and syrup with stripes! ENJOY Harvey Nichols’ food line HN Riot of Colour – here.


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