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Not every day is for glitter and glam, but we talk, we laugh, sometimes cry, sometimes the parents yell, but all in all: the best thing to hold onto in life is each other. And try to love the everyday grey tones in between. Hard sometimes. But we try to do that around the dinner table or in the kitchen – everyday. This weekend our family will be extented with an extra member: Mr. Buster – 9 weeks old and a Jack Russel puppy. We cannot wait! The house sparkles (I know, Mr. Buster will change that in a second!), the food and decor is carefully chosen by my kids – WELCOME BUSTER posters, small handwritten letters, doggy toys – are all over ;o) could we be the kids – just this weekend … waaaauuuu … they are so thrilled and excited!

For whatever reason you might have for celebrating take a look at above LOVELY items from Sugar Paper – which can frame any occation big or petite – their oh so fine products makes you want to make a grand dinner party or just make some cosy easy finger foods – add some slurpy drinks – for you and your family – in a few minutes – ad the above coasters. Cheers. Visit Sugar Paper here.



fall snacking, dean and deluca, yummi design for snacking, salty, sweets, yummi design blog about food and design, signe funch boye art directorI have been so lucky working on packaging designs for various snacks these past months and in the meantime the weather has turned into a cold late summer, it feels like Fall – windy, moody + rainy. This gives us plenty of excuses to go inside snacking on mmmm … all sweet-salty-spicy-yummi and very, very crunchy … I found all above tasty + delicious packages at Dean&Deluca’s snackshop: smoked organic Califonia paprika almonds, Vermont cheese powder for homemade popcorn or savory crunchy crostini slides, Mast brothers dark chocolate & sea salt (my favorite!), and popcorn with parmesan & rosemary – let it rain, let it rain!
All Photos from Dean & Deluca

Peachy creamy swirl pops


yummi ice break, summertime pops, my new roots, peaches, fersken is, ispinde, home made ice, hjemmelavede ispinde, signe boye art director and foodie

We have had the most perfect summer here in Cph the last three weeks. The weather has been (and still is) sunny sunny sunny and we have done nothing but swimming at the beaches and in the harbor and eating a lot of cool ice creams. Today it is VERY humid and hot and we needed an indoor project away from the sun. I found these peachy creamy pops at my favorite blog My New Roots by Sarah Britton – for the fun of making our own delicious ice pops (and for the healthy choice too).

yummi ice break, summertime pops, my new roots, peaches, fersken is, ispinde, home made ice, hjemmelavede ispinde, signe boye art director and foodie

And while our peachy pops freeze I share the yummi recipe with you – mmmmm … can’t wait to taste them (they are almost there and they taste YUMMI soft too!!!).  Get all how-tos + the recipe here.

yummi ice break, summertime pops, my new roots, peaches, fersken is, ispinde, home made ice, hjemmelavede ispinde, signe boye art director and foodie

Read the post and get the recipe on the most crunchy crackers on the frontpage at My New Roots too – they are sooooo goood (look here)!


PHOTOS My New Roots

Summer drink-ups


Cool splashes for hot summer days & nights – click at the photos for
what+how-to all found at Pinterest … SLURP …  SIP … ENJOY!





This + a park or a beach or just some blue sky above and lovely fresh food and family & good friends – mmmm… Summertime! Find all the above at Habitat’s website right here!


Oh Yummi June …

yummi design summer 2014, photographer art director signe boye, yummi design blog and studio is all about food and design, photo copyright all yummi design, yummi design on facebook, follow on instagram yummidesignsOH SO NICE June’s here summertime is all over. Emma’s school is holding “the-end-of-this-year-party” next week … wauuu … vacation is around the corner already! I felled like a summer post and took some hours looking for summer cool drinks and palmtree photos on Pinterest … but “hello Signe, why not use some of your own?” and I have added some from of my shots from Instagram (yummidesigns) … above are from our vacation at Cyprus in May – such a great timeout in a very lovely country.

My latest food supply is greeeeen, very green Spirulina powder – shown above in a fruity juice. I had a bit too busy first half year and I’m really trying to give my body a green and healthy, calm summer. BUT … Spirulina … it is not my best buddy yet. But as you can see, I love the color, and I’m sure my body enjoys the benefits of it … but but but … it taste very green’ish and it stays a lot in my cabinet I have to admit. Do you have a tasty recipe please send it to me I like to give it a second try ;o). Get out & enjoy June.


ALL PHOTOS: by Signe Boye – all rights Yummi Design © find more on Instagram = Yummidesigns


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