Lovely toast


toast, turkey and smoked cheddar cheease, valentines toast, yummi design all about food and design, signe boye adWe just had the most cosy relaxing family day, it has been weeks since the last time we had a full day like this. We kept it simple. No fancy glamsy dishes. But to die for yummi fingerfoods: hotdogs and grilled toasts, and a greeeeat bottle of Rhône (and later a bit dancing with our yummi kids). The week is over and it was full of selling our house. STILL in progress! And soon we hope we can: Look forward to a new life in an apartment in the center of CPH.  VALENTINES was a day all about joy + being together. Lovely. Get the mmm … oh so crisp grilled toast recipe here. Sit down smile share and ENJOY.

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