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Yummi creme de marrons et chevre

yummidesign in france, la france, ardeche, langedoc, rossillion, jura, camping, frankrig med børn, fransk mad, europa ferie, bil ferie, yummi design om mad, chevre, marrons, creme de marrons, gedeost, goat cheeseI’m back from 3 weeks in France. Wauuu … it was absolutely fantastic. One thing is to have a long vacation with my kids, no Mac, no iPhone, only pools, play ball under the olive trees and hurry to eat ice cream before it melts. But being in the heart of the world’s best cuisine is also fantastic. In the small village we lived in (in Languedoc-Roussillon) the local cheese is Chevre and in the best Yummi way we served it on a slice of toasted baguette with sweet + lovely chestnut creme – creme de marrons – from Ardeche. All served on romaine lettuce tossed in a bit dijon mustard mixed with the local olive oil + fresh lemon juice. And it was just one of many Yummi lunches. Mmmmm … a fresh Chevre you just cannot find here – creamy, mild, lovely flavor! I actually have a 5 year old daughter back home who eat salad now and who hated the green leaves before the vacation. Next time she will love Morbiers cheese too I’m sure. We spend a week in Jura after Languedoc where Comté and Morbiers cheese are the Jura region’s cheese specialities. I am sure La Belle France is good for everybody at all levels, we have to go back very soon. Hope your summer was yummi & great too.

Organic summer day


økologisk landsforening, økologi, organic, how to organic, naturfrisk sodavand, økologisk smør, æggebakke, irma, signe boye grafisk designer, design til butik, salg af økologiske varer, økologiske producenter, jordbærkage, ny smag til økologiske varer, de bedste råvarer, salat med blomster, københavns madhus, art direction, yummi designA summer day in Copenhagen Madhus with the best organic producers. A day organized by Økologisk Landsforening which they have filled with inspiration and knowledge about the hard years organic farmers have been through but also how much better it is today and how much market share and shelf availability in stores they have managed to get today. Although the financial crisis has been raging for some years now is the organic market had a pretty good growth. On such a day are served, of course, all kinds of exciting food and here at the top I have shown the breakfast tray which is an egg carton filled with small breads, jam, salmon and eggs (great idea for a picnic box!). There were wonderful dishes for lunch including salads with small fresh broccoli and flowers. For dessert, a plate “make your own strawberry tart” and see just how beautiful it was with petit marzipan tarts sweet strawberries and fluffy vanilla cream and other delights. A very nice summer day in Madhuset.

Francoise Payard NYC

francoise payard backery new york, francoise payard baker and pastery chef, nyc pastery, macarons in new york city, west houston backery, specialities in new york, tourist in nyc, new yorker bager, konditor i new york, macaron lækkert i nyc, yummi design in new york, art director signe boyeI can go on and on with delights from NYC – one of the last days of my visit in the city I walked along West Houston to taste Francoise Payard’s Macarons. It was like tasting Paris, and his Raspberry Macarons are good even though they do not have chocolate filling. Tasty, crunchy and not too sweet mmmmm … Around the corner, the streets go down to Washington Square Park lovely street inspiration for a graphic designer.


PHOTO  Yummi Design

Bare Burger NYC

bareburger new york, burger at new york, organic brúrger at new york, iced coffee, ice coffee, iskaffe, tur til new york, yummi design in nyc, signe boye art director, banana bread, sweet potato chips, cranberry with apple slides, banana bread in new yorkWe came by accident pass Bare Burger right next to Washington Square Park, and we were immediately caught by the atmosphere on their wooden terrace. It was sooo very nice full of sun + a little shade from the trees around. We ordered a fried banana bread with sweet potato chips, apples & cranberries, some iced coffees. Meanwhile, my feet got twice as big as I that day had thrown the practical shoes and jumped in a few small fine ones. Hrmmmm… But what a fantastic spot in New York to rest at ;o) and we did not go all in (we were not that hungry and the portions are huge, so we actually split the portion!) Bare Burger have a totally cool menu with organic, grass-fed meats and all other sorts of wonderful things for hungry stomachs – look at the menu here.

Sweet bites


yummi design illustration of cakes, cakes by illustrator signe boye, signe boye illustrations, illustrations by yummi design, design for foodies, signe boye art directorIt is Alberts (my youngest) 3 years birthday on Monday. So it’s about time to find out what cake or cakes we should have for his party on Sunday. The illustrations that I drew a few months ago was inspiration to sweet petit treats (not cup cakes). I would love to try out Popelinis, or make DIY S’more kits for everybody – or create a lot of colorful cake pops from my Bakerella book. But but but the week is top packed and Albert loves Jack Sparrow, so we probably end up with a daaangerous pirate cake.

ILLUSTRATION  Yummi Design copyrighted

Skønne Paris



Ja, så er jeg tilbage… uhadada… jeg er tosset med Paris. Jeg boede her, jeg spiste bl.a. her og jeg drak Perrier for fulde gardiner  (70 kr. for 25 cl vand med brus!) her. Mine fødder er måske ok igen, i næste uge, efter alle de gader og stræder de har været i denne weekend.

Andre lækre indlæg med brød her + her

Photo: Yummi Design

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