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Claudia Pearson’s bright designs

claudia pearson design, etsy, design for everyday live, yummi design blog about food and design, art director signe funch boyeI will always be a fan of Claudia’s lovely colorful + simple illustrations and these bright design prints on everyday items are so cool: market totes, tea towels and the oh so yummi aprons. I like. I want. Enjoy Claudia’s designs here all on Etsy.


Yummi visits Empire mayo in Brooklyn


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I met Elizabeth in the middle of an interview with New York Times which I managed to interrupt before I quickly found the door and took a walk around the block! The shop is a pure white room where the small jars of mayo are lined up on shelves + (very important) plenty of tastings. I fell for the thick brown butter version and one with hot wasabi. Furthermore, I am great chili mayo fan so I had to have one of them home with me. Elizabeth explained to me how their mayo is made from local organic eggs and how they have changed their recipe and flipped it a bit in a natural way to get their ingredients to last for two months in the closed small glasses without additive substances. So this mayo is made by pure, organic oil, eggs and spices. Manhattan high end restaurants and hip hotels are their primary clients and they have managed to get a share of the tables which before had boring Hellmann ’s mayonnaise on. Empire Mayonnaise is not just about business but it started with a passion for making better mayo in a high end quality made by the best organic ingredients in all kinds of interesting variations. They have made mayo interesting.  After I got back to Copenhagen I am still a great fan of the wasabi (on a steak sandwich it is… wauuu!)  + the saffron is fantastic with white fish (can be added in a sauce) mmmm…

PHOTOS: Yummi Design

Be Jeweled by Kate Spade


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When I just recently visited New York, I bought some cookware at Williams-Sonoma among other things a mini madeleines pan, an extra large red spatula, a special icing kit. The shop smelled of osso bocu which a chef made in the kitchen in the center of the shop and she offered me lovely warm cake and freshly brewed coffee for my trip around the store. It is a great atmosphere they have created for their shops. Not exactly an experience or a setup I’m used to here on a plain Tuesday.

But my new favorite tea mug, I found at the Kate Spade flagship store on Broome Street. Maybe a bit weird to walk among Kate Spade’s fantastic robes, lovely shoes and oooohhh…wauu… accessories and then walk away with a tiny box with a tea mug in it. But I had a busy schedule and had to visit Gourmet Garage (the most lovely food shop) on the other side of the street, dresses and shoes just had to wait. Now I enjoy my tea from my lovely green Be Jeweled mug – a small sip of over there a day – not bad, but I admit that I can still hear one of the dotted dresses calling me! Well, I just have to go back.

Francoise Payard NYC

francoise payard backery new york, francoise payard baker and pastery chef, nyc pastery, macarons in new york city, west houston backery, specialities in new york, tourist in nyc, new yorker bager, konditor i new york, macaron lækkert i nyc, yummi design in new york, art director signe boyeI can go on and on with delights from NYC – one of the last days of my visit in the city I walked along West Houston to taste Francoise Payard’s Macarons. It was like tasting Paris, and his Raspberry Macarons are good even though they do not have chocolate filling. Tasty, crunchy and not too sweet mmmmm … Around the corner, the streets go down to Washington Square Park lovely street inspiration for a graphic designer.


PHOTO  Yummi Design

Bare Burger NYC

bareburger new york, burger at new york, organic brúrger at new york, iced coffee, ice coffee, iskaffe, tur til new york, yummi design in nyc, signe boye art director, banana bread, sweet potato chips, cranberry with apple slides, banana bread in new yorkWe came by accident pass Bare Burger right next to Washington Square Park, and we were immediately caught by the atmosphere on their wooden terrace. It was sooo very nice full of sun + a little shade from the trees around. We ordered a fried banana bread with sweet potato chips, apples & cranberries, some iced coffees. Meanwhile, my feet got twice as big as I that day had thrown the practical shoes and jumped in a few small fine ones. Hrmmmm… But what a fantastic spot in New York to rest at ;o) and we did not go all in (we were not that hungry and the portions are huge, so we actually split the portion!) Bare Burger have a totally cool menu with organic, grass-fed meats and all other sorts of wonderful things for hungry stomachs – look at the menu here.

Food lowers Paradise at lower Manhatten


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Last week Yummi Design was on an tasty trip to New York. One of the pleasures of the US and especially New York, is the diversity and courage in the various kitchens and from the food producers which we can not match here in Denmark in the same scale. It is then a matter of taste where you want to go, how far you will go, but there are no doubt flavors enough for everyone in NYC.
Sunday we visited the New Amsterdam Market situated close to the touristy Pier 17, under the Lower Manhattan FDR Drive highway. This is where producers for Manhattan’s gourmet kitchens meet every Sunday and sell their lovely, tasty products. It’s a food lover paradise with all the local farm fresh produce selling handpicked heirloom tomatoes to made -to-go Maine lobster rolls. New Amsterdam Market showcases a wide selection of local farmers, artisans, purveyors, and independent small moms + pops food business. Each vendors are specialized in a particular food and are a connoisseur and more importantly passionate in what they do.
This Sunday was the “International Meats Local New Amsterdam Market”festival. New Amsterdam Market and the Vendy Awards had decided to put together this sustainable food meet-n-eat. Five of the Vendy’s favorite vendors, including SolberPupusas, Guadalupe’s Tamales, Eggs Travaganza, A-Pou’s Taste, and Veronica’s Kitchen, got charged with recreating their iconic internationally flavored dishes using locally sourced ingredients and humanely raised meats. A super exciting and tasteful experience.
As you can see above, just as nice to walk around and sniff in the products and talk with the producers of the delicious foods, hear their story, feel their passion for the products. I love it all, fell for examble for ice cream maker A Bent Spoon, wauuu…: one scoop of chocolate with a gentle touch of lavender, all ingredients (like all the others at the New Amsterdam Market) sustainably, organic, from local producers, the best of the best, different and artisan. And a scoop of mint + crunchy cocoa nips. So yummi! There are many tasteful vendors at New Amsterdam Market, and I have to mention Luke’s Lobster which I would like to take home to replace a single hot dog vendor in Copenhagen: a fresh, sustainably caught Maine lobster and shrimp roll – to go – oh yes, please! Visit the vendors websites in the text above + below – enjoy…
PHOTOS by Yummi Design
1 The old fish market building by the market,  2 cauliflower from Do Re Me Farms, 3 Charming buildings by South Street, 3 The Bent Spoon ice cream, 4 PH Soda Co.’s syrup, 5 mmmm… taster!, 6 Organic beans from Cedar Circle Farm



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