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Cold days pics

cold days pics, cold january, hot days, harvey nichols, food deaprtment, art director Signe boye, yummi design all about food and designArrghhhr very cold days are about to take over. These yummi pics will make me get through the ice cold week. Enjoy.

All from Harvey Nichols Food.


fall snacking, dean and deluca, yummi design for snacking, salty, sweets, yummi design blog about food and design, signe funch boye art directorI have been so lucky working on packaging designs for various snacks these past months and in the meantime the weather has turned into a cold late summer, it feels like Fall – windy, moody + rainy. This gives us plenty of excuses to go inside snacking on mmmm … all sweet-salty-spicy-yummi and very, very crunchy … I found all above tasty + delicious packages at Dean&Deluca’s snackshop: smoked organic Califonia paprika almonds, Vermont cheese powder for homemade popcorn or savory crunchy crostini slides, Mast brothers dark chocolate & sea salt (my favorite!), and popcorn with parmesan & rosemary – let it rain, let it rain!
All Photos from Dean & Deluca

Dreaming of Wild Ophelia


wild ophelia chocolate, signe boye art director, creative director, yummi design blog about food and design, wild ophelia, chocolate, us chocolate

so fine package design for Wild Ophelia chocolate which is produced by american  food artisans and local farmers. I would love to taste the southern hibiscus peach + the two pictured above – go to The Lineup here, mmmmm… come to Denmark, please!

Oh so pretty chocolates


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This is super nice, oh so delicate packaging design for exclusive chocolates. I would love to serve the champagne truffles for New Years. So fine icy, winter palette with just a touch of Santa and tiny red noses. Found them all here.

NEW Niels & Grete’s Organic eggs


niels og grete æg, æg fra niels og grete, niels & grete, niels og gretes økologiske æg, økologiske æg, ægproduktion, æg produktion, økologisk landbrug, økologisk landsforening, signe boye art director, yummidesign, yummi design til madvare producenter, madproducenter, fødevarer design, økologisk landbrug, danske æg, signe boye art director, yummi design blog om design og madvarer

I was asked half a year ago if I would make design for an organic eggs packaging. It has been some long and exciting months since then. You do not just bump into the big supermarkets and get your products on the shelfs. But Niels & Grete took a design portfolio with them and they succeed – Dansk Supermarket wanted their eggs (find shops here)! The result of a lot of communication strategies, work with some very skilled webexperts, photographers and Yummi Design’s pr + communication expert Katrine, Niels & Grete’s Organic Eggs came on supermarket shelves this week. It hasn’t been a difficult process because working with such passionated people as Niels & Grete are incredibly rewarding. One thing is they are so passionated about their hens, and organic farming but they are professionals and not afraid to jump into something new and to stand out. It is such a great pleasure to help introduce organic fresh, quality eggs from happy hens. Visit Niels & Grete and their hens on their farm in Hinge – right here. Enjoy!

PHOTO: Daniel Stjerne

Chocolate Week


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I wish I could participate in the British Chocolate Week (8–14 October, Chocolate Week) and have tasters among all the many exciting British and international chocolatiers. The above lovely chocolate photos are by chocolatier Amelia Ropes and I would choose her signature chocolate cubes from her adorable little boxes (top photo – find them here) or just have a bundle of chocolate bars so yummi. And then I would end the week at Chocolate Unwrapped in Covent Garden, London and enjoy all kinds of mmmmm… chocolate talks and events. But this week I’m going to a photo shoot of organic hens, not quite the same but still outdoors and fun.

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