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Chocolate Week


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I wish I could participate in the British Chocolate Week (8–14 October, Chocolate Week) and have tasters among all the many exciting British and international chocolatiers. The above lovely chocolate photos are by chocolatier Amelia Ropes and I would choose her signature chocolate cubes from her adorable little boxes (top photo – find them here) or just have a bundle of chocolate bars so yummi. And then I would end the week at Chocolate Unwrapped in Covent Garden, London and enjoy all kinds of mmmmm… chocolate talks and events. But this week I’m going to a photo shoot of organic hens, not quite the same but still outdoors and fun.

Jamie Oliver’s Yummi Recipease food and kitchen store

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Occasionally my clients ask me: do we really need all that fancy design we just want to produce good food and sell it. Does design sell quality food products, isn’t it okay to start out with a simpel information sticker and a logo on top, or just make it personal with a signature (which no one can read anyway!). I can come up with a loooong explanation about standing out, telling stories, detailed concepts, being noticed and remembered, giving and the few seconds we have (or rather: we might are lucky to have!) to get attention in a store among hundreds of products. Look at this above, Recipease food and kitchen store in London, we would love to go in there NOW, right. It just would not be the same without that pink facade. It stands out. And that is just the beginning. Then you step inside: a store full of a top celeb chef’s goodies and recipes. Everybody would love to have Jamie Oliver’s food universe, or just a bite, and at this place you get a little bit closer. You can not just buy food, you can also take cooking classes, meet famous chefs, buy healthy and nutritious takeaway, kitchen tools, cookbooks, or just relax at the café. The whole concept is very nicely presented in a oh so edible designs from A to Z. Look at the takeaway packaging! Maybe you feel even a little bit at home at Recipease, it’s cozy, detailed, and everything smells so nicely of Jamie Oliver’s homemade and freshly prepared dishes. I like! I want to come back and spend hours there. And it is not just for the food.

VIA this site

Organic summer day


økologisk landsforening, økologi, organic, how to organic, naturfrisk sodavand, økologisk smør, æggebakke, irma, signe boye grafisk designer, design til butik, salg af økologiske varer, økologiske producenter, jordbærkage, ny smag til økologiske varer, de bedste råvarer, salat med blomster, københavns madhus, art direction, yummi designA summer day in Copenhagen Madhus with the best organic producers. A day organized by Økologisk Landsforening which they have filled with inspiration and knowledge about the hard years organic farmers have been through but also how much better it is today and how much market share and shelf availability in stores they have managed to get today. Although the financial crisis has been raging for some years now is the organic market had a pretty good growth. On such a day are served, of course, all kinds of exciting food and here at the top I have shown the breakfast tray which is an egg carton filled with small breads, jam, salmon and eggs (great idea for a picnic box!). There were wonderful dishes for lunch including salads with small fresh broccoli and flowers. For dessert, a plate “make your own strawberry tart” and see just how beautiful it was with petit marzipan tarts sweet strawberries and fluffy vanilla cream and other delights. A very nice summer day in Madhuset.



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Simple summer indigo blue inspiration found here


Well Being

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It’s time for summer soft drinks loaded with fruit and good vitamins or a bottle of the new blackwater with 77 minerals! I am fortunate to have perfectly fine water in my faucet, but I’d really like to have a juicer! Found the lovely bottles here.



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The first time I came home from New York, I remember that I simply did not believe that we were about to land in Copenhagen Airport. The little village down there with the red tiled roofs just was not the capital of Denmark! We are small… but hey… not tiny! Everything is just smaller and much slower when you land after a trip over there. It’s time again – next week my friend and I are going to NYC. I’m finding inspiration into new, exciting places that taste and surprise. Not hard to find in NYC, but very difficult to choose and limit. We’re so excited. And by the few pictures above I can already feel the energy.

PHOTOS + INSPIRATIONLIST from top and down: Lucky Peach by McSweeney & Momofuko restaurants, People’s pops, Empire Mayonnaise shop at Grub Street, The Mast Brothers‘ chocolate factory in Brooklyn.

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