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Hoorray Spring girl

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My Emma’s 8th birthday is this Friday May 1st. It will be a sunny day all day to her no matter what the weather turnes out to be! She cannot stop dancing and the above birthday picnic would suit her colorful easy going always smiling mind so fine. “Never forget the vanilla flavour mom!”. It goes for tea, ice cream, cake, bread. She is all about vanilla and bright spring colors – what’s not to love.

ALL above found at Leif Web Shop.
Ice cream photo from US Jeni’s Ice Cream.

Let’s get outside

leif shop, webshop leifshop, eat outside, portable, bento box, cake set, serving tray, textiles napkins, tea towels, outside, picnic, summer, spring time, yummidesign, blog about food and design, art director signe boye, always have some cute or new serving tools or items I fall for. This is for eating outside: 1 Fermliving Star serving tray · 2 Napkin set · 3 Bento box · 4 Confetti serving set – get out there!


For cold days…


alfi kander, termokande, vacum carafes, deutch quality, dansk enkel design, yummi design, signe boye art director, grafisk design, design til spisebordet, kaffe, te, varme drikke, efterår, koldt, holde varmt, varm kaffe, picnic, gløgg

Fall is all over and these stylish carafes in great colors and designs can keep your tea and coffee on a hot and stylish level, find them all here at Alfi’s website.

Yummi Design Organic bag

yummi design taske for økologisk landsforening, design økologisk landsforening, økologisk landsforening taske, elsk spis lev økologisk taske af yummi design, yummi design tekster, art direction signe boye yummi design, yummi design bag design, taske design, tekstforfatter, grafisk design, grafisk design til madproducenter, design til madvarer, emballagedesign, økologiske madvarer, økologisk rådgivning, rådgivningen hos økologisk landsforening, medlemsskab økologisk landsforening, yummi design blog om mad og design, eco logical, organic health, design for food producersI designed the bag this summer for Økologisk Landsforening (The Danish Organic Association). They wanted a bag that could replace their year-old purple shopping bag which did not have the greatest interest among their male members and clients. That was my briefing for the design. I came up with the text (text freely translated: love, eat, live, eco logical) and the hand-drawn style as basic graphic elements on the bag in discrete olive green and dark gray shades.



Spring in fall


pink salatsæt, salat bestik, salad serving, yummi salat, yummi service, yummi design, art director signe boye, grafisk design til fødevarerproducenter, anne bech gudindebog,

Yes, I know – all that talk about fall colors and now this. Just couldn’t resist. Sorry. And we need bright colors for windy days, don’t we – found the salad serving sets at Leif.

Organic summer day


økologisk landsforening, økologi, organic, how to organic, naturfrisk sodavand, økologisk smør, æggebakke, irma, signe boye grafisk designer, design til butik, salg af økologiske varer, økologiske producenter, jordbærkage, ny smag til økologiske varer, de bedste råvarer, salat med blomster, københavns madhus, art direction, yummi designA summer day in Copenhagen Madhus with the best organic producers. A day organized by Økologisk Landsforening which they have filled with inspiration and knowledge about the hard years organic farmers have been through but also how much better it is today and how much market share and shelf availability in stores they have managed to get today. Although the financial crisis has been raging for some years now is the organic market had a pretty good growth. On such a day are served, of course, all kinds of exciting food and here at the top I have shown the breakfast tray which is an egg carton filled with small breads, jam, salmon and eggs (great idea for a picnic box!). There were wonderful dishes for lunch including salads with small fresh broccoli and flowers. For dessert, a plate “make your own strawberry tart” and see just how beautiful it was with petit marzipan tarts sweet strawberries and fluffy vanilla cream and other delights. A very nice summer day in Madhuset.

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