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Colorful dining



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Love the Pantone Universe and would like to visit The Pantone Hotel in Brussels and just take a whole day in a pantone room – visit the hotel here – all the dining goodies are so very fine from here – ENJOY.

Gastronomic food maps


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This is great typo design by Lucy Stephens, found at her site on Etsy (visit here). Funny I live on the Herring’s tail! Not the best ad for Copenhagen ;o) and on the other side of the country we have bacon + ryebread and a bit sweet Marcipan down south. Kind of hard to imagine we keep the best chefs in the world around here or maybe that is why they are so creative. I visited one them this weekend, Rasmus Kofoed (gold medal winner at Bocuse d’Or 2011) at Geranium. I will share the experience later this week : Wauuuu… what a master! Find your country’s typo food map here. Below I pointed out where I go this summer: from Herring to Roquefort (south France)!!!

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How are you feeling to day?


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Mood Garden tea has designed this elegant and super simple package for their Fairtrade teabags. To make it easier for you to get in the right mood with the help from their Fairtrade teas. They got me by having a different design for tea but also by having a story and a philosophy that is quite simple including “We noticed that being in the right mood at the right time can make a WORLD OF DIFFERENCE…” (philosophy here). The small tea bags are packed in a long white stick, designed with just bright colors and clean typography which set your mind up for the different moods Mood Garden tea provide. It got my attention and got my mind set on good teatime, I went for sun-yellow-HAPPY (pick your mood here), and a bit of summer was added to this cold snowy day.

Photo: here


Can’t buy happiness…


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Oh how true + great type design. Found it via here

Berry reds for you


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Berry colors, so simple design for packaging, found here

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