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Mint, lemon, quinoa, peas, rhubarbs mmm…Summer!

canellevanille blog, blogging about food, photo by canelle et vanille, salad, quinoa, feta cheese, ærter, sommersaltater, grøn salat, forår, sommer, blog om food og design, foodie, signe boye, grafisk designer, yummi design blogThis is a crisp spring/summer salad from Canelle et Vanille lovely blog which I have to make tonight! Mums! Find it here

canelle et vanille blog, photo by canelle et vanille, tartelets with rhubarb, rabarber, kager, sommerkager, dessert, signe boye grafisk designer og art director, yummi design blog about food and design

And did I have the time I would love to get around these little ones too… I have to make them very soon! Find them here

Fruity prints


christopher dina, fruit, pomegranate, seed, food, nature, plant, red, juice, minimal, geometric, geometry, poster, print, yummi design, signe boye blog about food and design

These I like! Images filled up with fruity summer bright colors
and geometric shapes by Christopher Dina.
Find them here

The most yummi soup…


my new roots blog, thai soup, grøntsagssuppe, kokos suppe, suppe opskrift, vintermad, art director signe boye at yummi design, design for food producers, design til madproducenter

Well, everybody need hot soup and a colorful vitamin boost these days around here. Outside my window the snow has fallen all day and it’s still very cold I think. Even my website has been sick for a couple of days unfortunately BUT my Word Press magician has just cured it and I will feed it right now with this crisp and hot post.


The above soup is not just winterly warm but also full of sun with creamy coconut milk and spicy eastern greens. Find all the how to at my favorite foodie veg blog My New Roots – enjoy!

PHOTOS My New Roots

Fennel & Spelt salad


salat, sarah britton, my new roots, vinter salat, blog om mad og design, art director signe boye, signe boye grafisk designer, design til madproducenter, maddesign, emballage design, vegetar mad, sund mad, grøn mad, sundhed, design til sundhed, dild, fennikel, spelt, spelt i salater, spelt salatI have been sick this week and have eaten liters of soup. Today I’m out of bed again and I really need a crunshy crisp winter salad and found this spelt salad with fennel at Sarah Britton’s My New Roots. Enjoy the crisp recipe here.

Yummi creme de marrons et chevre

yummidesign in france, la france, ardeche, langedoc, rossillion, jura, camping, frankrig med børn, fransk mad, europa ferie, bil ferie, yummi design om mad, chevre, marrons, creme de marrons, gedeost, goat cheeseI’m back from 3 weeks in France. Wauuu … it was absolutely fantastic. One thing is to have a long vacation with my kids, no Mac, no iPhone, only pools, play ball under the olive trees and hurry to eat ice cream before it melts. But being in the heart of the world’s best cuisine is also fantastic. In the small village we lived in (in Languedoc-Roussillon) the local cheese is Chevre and in the best Yummi way we served it on a slice of toasted baguette with sweet + lovely chestnut creme – creme de marrons – from Ardeche. All served on romaine lettuce tossed in a bit dijon mustard mixed with the local olive oil + fresh lemon juice. And it was just one of many Yummi lunches. Mmmmm … a fresh Chevre you just cannot find here – creamy, mild, lovely flavor! I actually have a 5 year old daughter back home who eat salad now and who hated the green leaves before the vacation. Next time she will love Morbiers cheese too I’m sure. We spend a week in Jura after Languedoc where Comté and Morbiers cheese are the Jura region’s cheese specialities. I am sure La Belle France is good for everybody at all levels, we have to go back very soon. Hope your summer was yummi & great too.

Mmmm… home cooked


yummi design home cooked, hjemme lavet mad, asparges, kartofler, svampe, jamie oliver, yummi foods, design og mad i skøn forening, signe boye grafisk designer

The other day I visited my parents for dinner, here’s a little piece of what we got: yummi grilled beef tenderloin, fresh grilled asparagus with a soya, chili, ginger sauce, radishes from her own garden, stuffed mushrooms with parma ham, new potatoes from the local farm with butter and dill. Let me add that my mother always serve this kind of fantastic dishes, so very inspiring + tasteful, and my children always get pancakes for breakfast when they sleep at their house. Not a bad place to grow up. Mmmmm … and speaking of health, the cover for Anne Bech’s fitness book finally got it’s look today, I cannot wait to show you.

PHOTO: Yummi Design

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