All I need on a spring day …

—————–bispebjergkirkegård, cherry blossoms in copenhagen, art director signe boye, yummi design, spring in copenhagen, instagram

In Copenhagen the spring is finally starting. The cherry blossoms will be all over Bispebjergkirkegård (north-west Copenhagen area) in a few hours/days (follow this # on Instagram and you will see #bispebjergkirkegård).

Above photography by @hishamammar68

bispebjergkirkegård, cherry blossoms in copenhagen, art director signe boye, yummi design, spring in copenhagen, instagram

 “When in Rome…” make a party. Festive candles … my Emma turns 11 years in May – and the party will be full of colors & glam – sunny, outside I hope ; )

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No party without bubbles ; ) pink to-go –  I like

Skærmbillede 2018-04-17 kl. 12.19.29

… cannot get enough of … trays … DON’T KNOW WHY?
I have 20 or more … all full of patterns and colors – always makes me happy to serve tea & cake (or wine, cheese and olives – you decide!)
on a colorful tray … and it is a perfect “table” in the grass or on the beach.

go picnic, butter, webshop leif, bispebjergkirkegård, cherry blossoms copenhagen, spring in copenhagen, go to cph, graphic designer signe boye, art director signe boye ↑ Don’t forget to dress up the good stuff. Beauty for the butter. Home baked bread with butter. Not even Nutella can beat that taste I think.

↓ Let’s face it: macarons are just small crunchy bites of Heaven. I cannot wait to order a to-go-box like this at Bottega Louie – must eat place in LA.

bottega louie, macarons, designer signe boye, yummi design picnic

yummi design picnic, springtime, leif shop, grafisk designer signe boye

Picnic-spring-party for my ears ; )))

picnic tote, go picnic, bispebjergkirkegård, copenhagen, go to cph, cherry blossoms, yummidesign, leif shop, springtime, art direction, forårsglad, grafisk designer signe boye

↑ All packed nicely in this – oh yes please.

Skærmbillede 2018-04-17 kl. 12.22.02

Calm bath after a long sunny day outside. My Number One mom-treat is actually not chocolate, not hand bags, or glam-bam-accessories… but: delicious and luxurious bath-body-shampoos – cannot get enough ; )

All picnic items, earrings + milk bath etc.: from my favorite webshop

Go visit amazing Louie in LA here.

Champagne to-go Harvey Nichols


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