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Summer drink-ups


Cool splashes for hot summer days & nights – click at the photos for
what+how-to all found at Pinterest … SLURP …  SIP … ENJOY!


Oh la la…

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a post all about paper straws in yummi colors… because they taste like old times – granny’s home made cookies and strawberry limonade and it calls for bare feet in the grass and long summerdays… mmmm… so nice – the summer holidays are just around the corner. Enjoy the paper straws at OhLaLa Papergoods on etsy.


welcome new year


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Thank you for stopping by yummi design blog in 2012.

Have a yummi evening and night, a happy new year,
only the best for all of you in ’13. S

DESIGN: yummi design + veuve clicquot champagne

For cold days…


alfi kander, termokande, vacum carafes, deutch quality, dansk enkel design, yummi design, signe boye art director, grafisk design, design til spisebordet, kaffe, te, varme drikke, efterår, koldt, holde varmt, varm kaffe, picnic, gløgg

Fall is all over and these stylish carafes in great colors and designs can keep your tea and coffee on a hot and stylish level, find them all here at Alfi’s website.

Organic summer day


økologisk landsforening, økologi, organic, how to organic, naturfrisk sodavand, økologisk smør, æggebakke, irma, signe boye grafisk designer, design til butik, salg af økologiske varer, økologiske producenter, jordbærkage, ny smag til økologiske varer, de bedste råvarer, salat med blomster, københavns madhus, art direction, yummi designA summer day in Copenhagen Madhus with the best organic producers. A day organized by Økologisk Landsforening which they have filled with inspiration and knowledge about the hard years organic farmers have been through but also how much better it is today and how much market share and shelf availability in stores they have managed to get today. Although the financial crisis has been raging for some years now is the organic market had a pretty good growth. On such a day are served, of course, all kinds of exciting food and here at the top I have shown the breakfast tray which is an egg carton filled with small breads, jam, salmon and eggs (great idea for a picnic box!). There were wonderful dishes for lunch including salads with small fresh broccoli and flowers. For dessert, a plate “make your own strawberry tart” and see just how beautiful it was with petit marzipan tarts sweet strawberries and fluffy vanilla cream and other delights. A very nice summer day in Madhuset.

For summer toasts

jax coco, bathtub gin, chase & rhubarb, british summer drinks, britiske sommer drinks, harvey nochols, rhubarb liquer, gin, pure coco water, kokos, kokos vand, drinks mixer, sommer drinks, yummi design, signe boye yummi design

I was looking for some new tasty summer drinks and found  1) jax coco which is the purest, premium coconut water which they call ‘fluid of life’ I would add crushed ice or… a vanilla ice scoop?  2) Bathtub Gin I’m totally old fashion about Gin – it’s for GT’ies or Dry Martinis – and it has to be a good gin for both type of drinks – Cool martinis: look here. I might go with a new tonic like this one here to bring the best out of the Gin in a GT  3) Chase & rhubarb is fine British vodka with a splash of sour-sweet, pink rhubarb. I imagine it is perfect as a mixer with Prosecco or a glass of Champagne mmmm…. that’s a pretty + refreshing summer drink. Found them all here. HAVE a nice weekend.


PHOTOS: Harvey Nichols

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