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Ribena summer 2012

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I have in recent months made ​​a summer campaign for Ribena juice, a campaign to run in Denmark this summer. The job has resulted in a whole juice soaked family + testers of Ribena blackcurrant juice drink in all forms and a whole lot of funny hours in my studio with my designer partner Tenna. We just can not wait to see the final results.

PHOTO: Yummi Design

Well Being

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It’s time for summer soft drinks loaded with fruit and good vitamins or a bottle of the new blackwater with 77 minerals! I am fortunate to have perfectly fine water in my faucet, but I’d really like to have a juicer! Found the lovely bottles here.

Girly drinks

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This week has been so exiting. So many lovely, edible jobs which soon will hit the stores. I deserve some time off so it’s okay not to do much this Friday afternoon but to spend it on the sunny side with a single glass of Sauvignon Blanc or some other girly drink. Beautiful bottles don’t you think.

PHOTOS + bottles here

Love these


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Years ago I worked as an assistant graphic design studio (Sister Brandt). Once a year we went to London for the annual book fair. The senior graphic designer Sabine had a great sense of detail (which she still has!) And introduced us to Conran’s super cool decor shop in the old fab Michelin building, Yo!Sushi in Soho, Muji’s shops and not to forget Harvey Nichols. Here a good decade later I’m still super excited for Harvey Nichols’ delicious private label design with expressive B/W photos, lovely names and oh… so yummi content. So they must have a place here on my blog. The chocolate can’s  boy (top photo) looks like my little Albert and he has hurray hurray his birthday today. It wouldn’t be too hard to find a similar photo of him because he always ends up having something edible in his mouth on photos. No surprise that his first words were cake ;o)

PHOTO Harvey Nichols




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Happy sweets for cold days

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Love Happy Lab‘s package design for sweets. It definitely makes me smile and go “ahhh…” on a cold, grey winter day. I’m sure loads of smiles and a bit of Happy sweets must be the best medicine against winter’s colds and sore throats. Visit Happy Lab in summer sunny Australia right here. Smile!

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