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Say Cheese!


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Mike Geno’s makes the finest portraits of cheeses. I like all kinds of cheeses but to me true classics are the nutty Spanish Manchego with green spanish olives on the side, slices of the French Tomme de Savoie with honey dipped walnuts, baguette and a glass of Côtes du Rhône or … I could go on.  When I was a kid my parents took us camping in France and we got to taste a lot of different cheeses. The cheese tradition in France is hundreds of years old and cheese even got a certification appellation d’origine contrôlée (AOC) (love that!). The cheese selection in the local deli (even the one in the supermarkets) is huge and full of high quality. One of my favorites is Morbier (the above picture). Morbier is made in the French Comté region and are very similar to the Gruyère creamy mild and soft cow cheese. The morbier has a dark vein of vegetable ash in the middle (read more about + why… here) . The black ash line I thought looked like a “zipper” when I was younger so to me Morbier is the “zipper cheese”! Which I had for my birthday breakfasts every year since I was 7-8 years old (also a couple of years after I left my parents house) . A few summers ago!


mike geno, portraits of cheeses, montenebro cheese, spansk ost, spanish cheese, portræt af oste, malerier af oste, design til ost, blog signe boye, art director signe boye, yummi design blog


This is the Montenebro cheese. It is a goat’s milk cheese from the Spanish province of Avila (in the center of Spain). I have never been to this part of Spain but many other places down there and always buy a piece of Montenebro at the local deli. This has a lovely flavor which I find tangy, comparable to a blue, but very rich with peppery and nutty tones – very interesting and tasteful. Enjoy all of Mike Geno’s cheesy paintings here .

Yummi creme de marrons et chevre

yummidesign in france, la france, ardeche, langedoc, rossillion, jura, camping, frankrig med børn, fransk mad, europa ferie, bil ferie, yummi design om mad, chevre, marrons, creme de marrons, gedeost, goat cheeseI’m back from 3 weeks in France. Wauuu … it was absolutely fantastic. One thing is to have a long vacation with my kids, no Mac, no iPhone, only pools, play ball under the olive trees and hurry to eat ice cream before it melts. But being in the heart of the world’s best cuisine is also fantastic. In the small village we lived in (in Languedoc-Roussillon) the local cheese is Chevre and in the best Yummi way we served it on a slice of toasted baguette with sweet + lovely chestnut creme – creme de marrons – from Ardeche. All served on romaine lettuce tossed in a bit dijon mustard mixed with the local olive oil + fresh lemon juice. And it was just one of many Yummi lunches. Mmmmm … a fresh Chevre you just cannot find here – creamy, mild, lovely flavor! I actually have a 5 year old daughter back home who eat salad now and who hated the green leaves before the vacation. Next time she will love Morbiers cheese too I’m sure. We spend a week in Jura after Languedoc where Comté and Morbiers cheese are the Jura region’s cheese specialities. I am sure La Belle France is good for everybody at all levels, we have to go back very soon. Hope your summer was yummi & great too.

Easy living

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I am the easiest consumer in the world, if you just make my life a tiny bit easier with two children aged 3 and 4 years – then I’m all in. Aarstiderne (in English “Seasons”) is one of my really good friends. I get a box delivered from Aarstiderne every week with all children and adults can manage to eat of wonderful organic fruits + vegetables. In certain periods with no time for shopping I also get their meal boxes and love that I am being challenged with new recipes and interesting vegetables. This weekend we were off to the woods but ended up at Aarstiderne to refuel. There they got a hold of me again: freshly baked cake with white chocolate/marzipan and orange syrup (the photo above) who can say no to that!? A steaming well done espresso on the side, a bit farm yard shopping with the most delicious products, fresh air, playing in the hay with the kids + a swing for the smallest.  A few hours later were all tired, mmmm … that’s an easy Sunday.
More info + arrangements etc. at Aarstiderne here.

PHOTO Yummi Design – CHEF TINE Aarstiderne’s special spring cake

Cheesy Valentines

godminster cheese, valentines, cheese for valentines day, lovely gifts for valentines for valentines, anderledes valentines gaver, say cheese, cheesy, ost til valentines, romantisk middag til valentines, valentines mad, design til valentines, signe boye art director, yummidesign, yummi valentinesI’m not the most romantic Valentine. Love romance, but it is totally fine getting flowers any other day or… how about a heart shaped organic cheddar look here at Godminster. On a walnut cheese board here!!! Would certainly make me smile. Have a lovely Valentines day.

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