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Pantry twists and new variations


One of the things I love most is discovering unique foods that much of the world has never heard of. Or like her to get inspired and find new variations and twists of classic food products. Dean & Deluca are masters of having new gourmet pics on their shelfs. Lucky me from overseas in Copenhagen – they also have them online!john mccanns irish oatmeal, gourmet pics, dean and deluca, yummi package design, yummi design all about food and design, oat, oat meal, ned package design, signe boye art direcorABOVE: Oat meal – Irish? Stell cut? I have no idea why it should be 14$ worth but the can is more than lovely!

BELOW: Not sardines but octopus in olive oil, would love to taste them on toast avec crisp bubbles.Matiz Gallego octopus, octopus in oliveoil, package design, hand packed, yummi design all about food and design, art director signe boye, dean and deluca, gourmat pics, new package designPine Cone Bud Syrup, mugoloo, dean and deluca, gourmet syrup, yummi design all about food and design, art director signe boye, new package design, edible designs Italian Pine Bud syrup from the Dolomite Mountains area. Should be super tasteful on panna cotta, skyr, ice cream, or mmmm… drizzled over ricotta – just go on – yummi!

pickles, boat street pickled figs, pantry, gourmet pics, dean and deluca, figs, yummi design all about food and design, signe boye art director, yummi package design, new package design

Boat Street Pickled Figs are made from Black Mission figs bathed in a sweet syrup of red wine, cane sugar, balsamic vinegar, rosemary and sea salt. Bring them on!

fruit spred, jam, marmelade, new package design, yummi design all about ffod and design, yummi design, art director signe boye, pears, growers and shippers, dean and deluca, pantry, oregon, hood river pears, hazelnutsHood River Valley Bartlett pears and roasted hazelnuts, with a little extra zing from cinnamon and lemon zest. On toast, ice cream, pound cake, pancakes and waffles? Oh yes. Or just straight from the jar ;o) ENJOY.

ALL products + photos from Dean & Deluca webshop.

Dream on


It’s November. We have not seen the Sun for days in CPH. I dream away on grey days like these. “If I could snap into a chair right now, where should it be …” I would love to …

yummi design blog about food and design, artcurial paris, hipster restaurant cafe design, restaurant interior design, dream places, paris eat and dinebe in Paris at Artcurial for creative inspiration and a cafe au lait and find out …

yummi design blog about food and design, door 19 restaurant, moscow gourmet restaurant, hipster restaurant design, russia, design for restaurants, interior design, coll design, dream seatswhat Door 19 is all about? A pop up restaurant project in the ArtHouse in Moscow? Interesting! (more details here) – and then after go to …

yummidesign blog about food and design, son qi restaurant, cinese gourmet restaurant, restaurant design, monaco, design for restaurants, interior design, coll design, dream seatsMonaco for a Chinese oh so fine gourmet snack at the Son Qi Restaurant and …

yummi design blog about food and design, artte barcelona, hipster restaurant cafe design, bar stool table, interior design, dream chairs, barcelona eat and dineafter have a tea break in this fantastic white decor at Artte in Barcelona and …

yummidesign blog about food and design, topolopompo restaurant, restaurant design, tel aviv, isreal, design for restaurants, interior design, coll design, dream seatshave dinner at Topolopompo restaurant in Tel Aviv. And end the day …

yummi design blog about food and design, anet mak photographer, party, wedding party, wedding photographer anet mak, hipster party design, bar design, interior design, cool bar sign, dream partyat above party bar, made for a private party with all my friends and family – so cool and what a day ;o) Dream on.

All pictures found at Pinterest – to find details visit the board here

From the glory days of the Officers’ Mess


the regimental condiment company, soldier, illustrative package design, illustration, australian condiments, luxurious condiments, gourmet foods, harvey nichols, signe obye art director, blog about food and design at yummi design



I almost think that my son Albert would start eating Dijon Mustard if I served him the one above! Package design is so wonderful sometimes that I just buy it to look and enjoy the design. The producers who wants to tell us a story really wins our 2 sec of time when we rush through the supermarket to find our groceries. So many producers unfortunately just want to look “nice and clean”. The Regimental Condiment Company is an Australian food company producing a range of gourmet food products emanating from the glory days of the Officers’ Mess. Their range of condiments includes chutneys and relishes, sauces, jams and jellies, mustards and horseradish, and cheese jellies. Nearly all products are made in Australia to traditional family recipes, handed down through the generations. And looking at the package design I actually sense that story. That is yummi design!

Visit The Regimental Condiment Company here. Found it all at Harvey Nichols.

Fäviken – Rising Northern Star


fäviken restaurant, new nordic food, nordic cuisine, nordiske køkken, det nordiske køkken, sverige, gourmet rastaurant in sweden, sverige gourmet restaurant fäviken, the best restaurant in the world, cook book, design cookbook, graphic design for foodproducers, the best food, den bedste nordiske mad, nordisk terroir food, terroir foods, oragnic foods, local producers, lokalproduceret, restaurant i skoven, de svenske skove, signe boye yummi design, yummi design for foodproducers, blog about food and design, danish designer signe boye, art director within food producers, magnus nielsson, chef magnus nielsson

Fäviken restaurant is one of the restaurants in Scandinavia which I find really interesting. It is part of the trendy Nordic cuisine and is headed by chef Magnus Nilsson. He has been trained by some of the best restaurants in France (L’Arpege and L’Astrance) and he has opened Fäviken Restaurant in one of the most cold places, in the middle of the Swedish woods, 750 km north of Stockholm. The menu are far from ordinary and filled with local wild ingredients such as moose, eel, hare, wild herbs and mushrooms. The restaurant is named to be “The Best Rising Star of Nordic Cooking” of The Guardian among others. I would love to have that extraordinary experience to visit Fäviken Restaurant once. Until then, I’m really excited that chef Magnus Nilsson has chosen to publish a book about his Nordic restaurant adventure in the woods. So until we are the lucky ones on Fäviken’s attractive, 3 month long reservation list, I will enjoy chef Nilsson cookbook at home. Enjoy Fäviken, the landscape and chef Nilsson in the below film. (PHOTO: Fäviken, published by Phaidon October 2012).

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