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Frozen summer mmmm…


ice pops, shelly kaldunski lauren burke, photographer lauren burke, writer shelly kaldunski, pop recipe, ice home made, hjemmelavede ispinde, is, ispinde, yummi design, grahic ideas by signe boye, art direction signe boye for foodproducersHere we go: frozen home made summer pops – don’t you just want them – NOW! Found the color- and flavorful book with oh so lovely ice pop recipes this morning, a must-have-now book by Shelly Kaldunski and photographer Lauren Burk. Find it here. I’m definitely going to try the chocolate-vanilla swirls (bottom picture).

PHOTO from the book Ice Pop

Food lowers Paradise at lower Manhatten


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Last week Yummi Design was on an tasty trip to New York. One of the pleasures of the US and especially New York, is the diversity and courage in the various kitchens and from the food producers which we can not match here in Denmark in the same scale. It is then a matter of taste where you want to go, how far you will go, but there are no doubt flavors enough for everyone in NYC.
Sunday we visited the New Amsterdam Market situated close to the touristy Pier 17, under the Lower Manhattan FDR Drive highway. This is where producers for Manhattan’s gourmet kitchens meet every Sunday and sell their lovely, tasty products. It’s a food lover paradise with all the local farm fresh produce selling handpicked heirloom tomatoes to made -to-go Maine lobster rolls. New Amsterdam Market showcases a wide selection of local farmers, artisans, purveyors, and independent small moms + pops food business. Each vendors are specialized in a particular food and are a connoisseur and more importantly passionate in what they do.
This Sunday was the “International Meats Local New Amsterdam Market”festival. New Amsterdam Market and the Vendy Awards had decided to put together this sustainable food meet-n-eat. Five of the Vendy’s favorite vendors, including SolberPupusas, Guadalupe’s Tamales, Eggs Travaganza, A-Pou’s Taste, and Veronica’s Kitchen, got charged with recreating their iconic internationally flavored dishes using locally sourced ingredients and humanely raised meats. A super exciting and tasteful experience.
As you can see above, just as nice to walk around and sniff in the products and talk with the producers of the delicious foods, hear their story, feel their passion for the products. I love it all, fell for examble for ice cream maker A Bent Spoon, wauuu…: one scoop of chocolate with a gentle touch of lavender, all ingredients (like all the others at the New Amsterdam Market) sustainably, organic, from local producers, the best of the best, different and artisan. And a scoop of mint + crunchy cocoa nips. So yummi! There are many tasteful vendors at New Amsterdam Market, and I have to mention Luke’s Lobster which I would like to take home to replace a single hot dog vendor in Copenhagen: a fresh, sustainably caught Maine lobster and shrimp roll – to go – oh yes, please! Visit the vendors websites in the text above + below – enjoy…
PHOTOS by Yummi Design
1 The old fish market building by the market,  2 cauliflower from Do Re Me Farms, 3 Charming buildings by South Street, 3 The Bent Spoon ice cream, 4 PH Soda Co.’s syrup, 5 mmmm… taster!, 6 Organic beans from Cedar Circle Farm



Snog, not ice cream…


snog ice, snog ice from uk, uk ice cream from snog, snog ice in london, london ice cream, yummi design, low gl healthy treats, sund snakck, sundt sødt, sund is, yummi design blog, signe boye grafisk designer, ideer til ny mad og tendenser til dit køkkenSNOG was born out of a passion for two things: good food and good design. I am crazy about it is so complete design and they stick to the best ingredients. The two guys behind this pure frozen organic yogurt opened their first store in London in 2008. Their SNOG book is full of all the healthy treat recipes. It is not only frozen treats you’ll find in this book, you also find raw food bars, smoothies + gluten-free baking. Visit the SNOG website and play the SNOG music while you creating your sweet healthy treats here or drop by SNOG in London or at one of these places. Find the book here.

Can’t buy happiness…


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Oh how true + great type design. Found it via here

Ice-scream & Paris

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Min sidste ferie gik til Toscana i juli, hvor I kan se, vi ikke altid lige nåede at nyde kaffen. Is smelter meget hurtigt i 40 gr. varme.  2 små uskyldige bægrer (meget lækker) is kan med hjælp fra mine to små bavianer på 2 og 4 år, sagtens smøres ud på 4 caféstole, 1 cafébord, på tøjet af 2 voksne + 2 børn, på 2 min. Emma’s ynglings gelato er med vanilje, hvilket er en fordel, det glemte vi så lige den dag!

På fredag tager jeg til Paris. Uden nogen som helst. Jeg skal på kursus i grafisk designeri + blogdesign, med 2 fantastiske damer fra Los Angeles, der ved en hel del om den slags. Mine fotos bliver nok en anelse mindre chokoladesovsede og jeg får helt sikkert også tid. Tid til at nyde min café au lait.

Flere iskolde her

Photo Yummi Design

Joël Penkman’s candy

joël penkman, illustrator, food illustrations, beautiful illustrations of food, illustrationer af mad, skøn mad, slik, candy, yummi design til kvalitetsmadvarerjoël penkman illustrations, food illustrator, illustrationer til mad, maddesign, design for kvalitetsmadvarere, yummidesign, is, sodavandsisJoël Penkmans illustrationer er virkelig lige til at spise. Fundet på Etsy.

Andre spiselige illustrationer  se her

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