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I Fancy…

fancy, animals, kitchen, cuttingboard, cow closet, yummidesign blog about food and design, art director signe boyeAll animals found at Fancy – visit here

Femke Pastijn’s eatible black’n’whites


femke pastijn, interior photographer, decor, table, kitchen, yummi design blog about design and food, yummi design, art director signe boyeSimple black & whites: add matt black as a base in the kitchen with glossy whites in all kinds of shapes on top – lovely! Find more interior tips + nice photos by Dutch stylist Femke Pastijn at her website.


Personalized décor

swedish elle interior, fleamarket, vintage home, decor, elle decor, signe boye yummi design, art directorI stood all Sunday at the Fleamarket in Charlottenlund and sold out of all my kids old stuff – we had a basement full of clothes and toys from new born to five years of age! I would have loved to have taken a shopping break on the market but we were too busy (which was so nice!) but a lamp from the above photo, a special vintage stool in deep red – I’m sure there was a lot of things out there. But what a day –  lovely people, some sun, lots of rain, and a lot of laughs! 


PHOTO: via Elle Interior SE


Let’s get outside

leif shop, webshop leifshop, eat outside, portable, bento box, cake set, serving tray, textiles napkins, tea towels, outside, picnic, summer, spring time, yummidesign, blog about food and design, art director signe boye, always have some cute or new serving tools or items I fall for. This is for eating outside: 1 Fermliving Star serving tray · 2 Napkin set · 3 Bento box · 4 Confetti serving set – get out there!


Let the sun shine


elle decoration, decor with yellow, lilla, gul, yummi design blog about food and design, signe boye grafisk designer, colorful kitchen, køkken, billeder, rammer, tegning, maleri, farverThe sun shines every morning in that kitchen + a nice idea for framing your pictures. Found it all at Elle Interior.


The lovely Mademoiselle Oiseau


lovisa burfitt, design af lovisa burfitt illustrator, mademoiselle oiseau stel, service by rörstrand, service af rørstrand, svensk design, illustration, yummi design, signe boye art director, porcelæn, nyt spisestel, rørstrand

This porcelain collection for Rörstrand by illustrator Lovisa Burfitt – is so very nice. A must have to me. Some day. Right now I’m in a minimize-my-life-period. How much do I need – space – things – kitchenware – time – food – square meter garden – and is it really important? And I think Mademoiselle Oiseau would make me smile every morning, lunch and night. But as I’m minimizing everything and I have a dozen mugs, glasses and all kinds of kitchenware I don’t use or need, and I’m so lucky to have plenty of good people that makes me smile everyday… I will enjoy the porcelain from Rörstrand here – for now.


PHOTO + ILLU: Rörstrand

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