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I heart you

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It’s all about Valentines … this week?! My days are fully packed with design for the second book this year – the studio is very busy … Plus everyday life all over plus trying to sell our lovely home. Read: +busy!
My daugther just asked me, how we should celebrate V-day? Well, we might celebrate it and perhaps all four of us. With sparkling bobles and a festive table … and a bit dancing on the table ;o) a LOVELY break.

DISH on top from Kate Spade. CHAMPAGNE Laurent-Perrier Harvey Nichols Food. FOOD FOR THOUGHT placemat from Kate Spade. ENJOY.

Summer drink-ups


Cool splashes for hot summer days & nights – click at the photos for
what+how-to all found at Pinterest … SLURP …  SIP … ENJOY!


Make it a colorful Valentine

Naomi Robinson, bakers royale, valentines day, valentines, cocktails, romantic drinks, papaya, red grapefruit, dragonfruit, rosemary, strawberry, romatisk valentines, yummi design by signe boye, art direction within food and design, design for food, love foodWell, Valentine’s Day coming up. Why not do something colorful for your better half, best friend, who ever you think need some tender attention…  kick out the pink pastels and add some tropical notes, some hot, sweet, something new. No starters or main courses, skip dessert, make it easy: make some fruity cocktails (and you can make them super fruity with no alcohol).

#1 it’s a Singapore Sling turned tropical, or “made more tropical” with the addition of the papaya (the seeds are edible and will lend a peppery bite—totally up to you— take it or leave it) and some Serrano chilies for heat. I don’t know if the Long Bar at “Raffles Hotel” in Singapore would add Papaya & Serrano Sling to their list? Probably not! But I like this version, and I can feel a bit of peanut peels crunching under my feet while sipping it… And since my husband and I went there on our honeymoon this drink will be our 2014 Valentine cocktail.

#2 is full of blood orange against basil and it becomes the margarita meets French kiss cocktail wauuu… what a nice combination…

#3 is a very diffenrent cocktail where east meets west – a vodka chiller with dragon fruit plus melon and rosemary! Surprisingly good.

Want more edible colorful inspiration for Valentine (or any other day!): enjoy photographer + food specialist Naomi Robinson‘s work and recipes at her blog Bakers Royale. Naomi’s blog is full of recipes and yummi photos of cool drinks, savory finger snacks mmmm… there are so many lovely edible ways to say ILY. Enjoy – have spicy + yummi day.


PHOTO: Naomi Robinson Bakers Royale


Cheers Instagram


heineken beer, instagram, yummidesigns on instagram, yummi design for food producers, design for foodpictures from yesterday which I took at Instagram of a Heineken hidden in the our freezer on a incredible hot day last week and we forgot all about it… I found the can totally frozen, it was so cool and beautiful – find more edible snapshots from my daily whereabouts on Instagram (name = yummidesigns) Enjoy here!

PHOTO: yummi design


Oh la la…

ohlala papergoods, papr service, udendørs, engangsservice, fest, sugerør, straws, color, signe boye art director, yummi design blog

a post all about paper straws in yummi colors… because they taste like old times – granny’s home made cookies and strawberry limonade and it calls for bare feet in the grass and long summerdays… mmmm… so nice – the summer holidays are just around the corner. Enjoy the paper straws at OhLaLa Papergoods on etsy.


Pretty cold


Ditte Isager phographer, nyc based daish photographer Ditte Isager, yummi design blog about food and design, art direction for producers within food and health, signe boye art director and graphic designerlove this by phographer Ditte Isager


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