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Edible design that are so 2014

harvey nichols food store, london harvey nichols, riot of color, private label, signe boye art director, yummi design blog about food and designLove the HN Riot of Colour design mmmm… pumkin seed oil in blue, chocolate in bright tones, fruity preserves in hot combinations, nuts in berry colours and syrup with stripes! ENJOY Harvey Nichols’ food line HN Riot of Colour – here.


HN Riot of Colour

harvey nichols food store, london harvey nichols, riot of color, private label, signe boye art director, yummi design blog about food and designOh yes! Harvey Nichols and their private label full of bright colours “HN Riot of Colours.” I cannot wait to get to London in December, I just have to taste the biscuit with spirulina and sea salt! And I will have to stay a while on the top floor to have my lunch at the OXO Tower.


Tiger chocolate


tiger butik, chokolade fra tiger butikken, design til chokolade, chocolate and design, yummi design blog about food and design, signe boye art director

The shop Tiger Copenhagen is full things you really… well, DON’T need. Today I found these lovely packaging designs for their private label chocolate! Had to have 1-2-3! Mmmm…

PHOTO: Yummi Design


Jamie Oliver’s Yummi Recipease food and kitchen store

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Occasionally my clients ask me: do we really need all that fancy design we just want to produce good food and sell it. Does design sell quality food products, isn’t it okay to start out with a simpel information sticker and a logo on top, or just make it personal with a signature (which no one can read anyway!). I can come up with a loooong explanation about standing out, telling stories, detailed concepts, being noticed and remembered, giving and the few seconds we have (or rather: we might are lucky to have!) to get attention in a store among hundreds of products. Look at this above, Recipease food and kitchen store in London, we would love to go in there NOW, right. It just would not be the same without that pink facade. It stands out. And that is just the beginning. Then you step inside: a store full of a top celeb chef’s goodies and recipes. Everybody would love to have Jamie Oliver’s food universe, or just a bite, and at this place you get a little bit closer. You can not just buy food, you can also take cooking classes, meet famous chefs, buy healthy and nutritious takeaway, kitchen tools, cookbooks, or just relax at the café. The whole concept is very nicely presented in a oh so edible designs from A to Z. Look at the takeaway packaging! Maybe you feel even a little bit at home at Recipease, it’s cozy, detailed, and everything smells so nicely of Jamie Oliver’s homemade and freshly prepared dishes. I like! I want to come back and spend hours there. And it is not just for the food.

VIA this site

Yummi Design Organic bag

yummi design taske for økologisk landsforening, design økologisk landsforening, økologisk landsforening taske, elsk spis lev økologisk taske af yummi design, yummi design tekster, art direction signe boye yummi design, yummi design bag design, taske design, tekstforfatter, grafisk design, grafisk design til madproducenter, design til madvarer, emballagedesign, økologiske madvarer, økologisk rådgivning, rådgivningen hos økologisk landsforening, medlemsskab økologisk landsforening, yummi design blog om mad og design, eco logical, organic health, design for food producersI designed the bag this summer for Økologisk Landsforening (The Danish Organic Association). They wanted a bag that could replace their year-old purple shopping bag which did not have the greatest interest among their male members and clients. That was my briefing for the design. I came up with the text (text freely translated: love, eat, live, eco logical) and the hand-drawn style as basic graphic elements on the bag in discrete olive green and dark gray shades.



Love these


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Years ago I worked as an assistant graphic design studio (Sister Brandt). Once a year we went to London for the annual book fair. The senior graphic designer Sabine had a great sense of detail (which she still has!) And introduced us to Conran’s super cool decor shop in the old fab Michelin building, Yo!Sushi in Soho, Muji’s shops and not to forget Harvey Nichols. Here a good decade later I’m still super excited for Harvey Nichols’ delicious private label design with expressive B/W photos, lovely names and oh… so yummi content. So they must have a place here on my blog. The chocolate can’s  boy (top photo) looks like my little Albert and he has hurray hurray his birthday today. It wouldn’t be too hard to find a similar photo of him because he always ends up having something edible in his mouth on photos. No surprise that his first words were cake ;o)

PHOTO Harvey Nichols


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