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Sushi Taro

sushi taro, noi sushi chef, elsinore, helsingør sushi restaurant, sushi restaurant, sudergade, fusions sushi, yummi design blog all about foodWauuuu … as beautiful as this sushi looks as good (and bit better) it tasted! Had to show you! I went to Helsingør the other day to visit a good friend of mine who had bought the most delicate sushi for us. First I had to just enjoy the colors – my friends waited patiently while I took pictures and pictures and pictures! And then: So yummi … taste, textures, all kinds of fine and simple touches of sauces and perfect cruncy details combined with fresh fish which all made the sushi so special and very good. My friend had let the sushi chef Noi, at Sushi Taro, mix his favorites and specialities. I will do the same next time I come by – what a yummi surprice. Visit Sushi Taro in Helsingør/Elsinore here.


PHOTOS: Signe Funch Boye ©


Wish I was in Florence for lunch… That lunch!


the sartorialist, scott schuman, Alessandro Squarzi, Angelo Flaccavento, Carlos Castillo, Fabrizio Rollo, Florence, Gianluca Cantaro, Lino Ieluzzi, Luca Rubinacci, Luciano Barbera, Nick Wooster, Nicola Ricci, Pitti Uomo, Sam Lambert, Simone Righi

the sartorialist, scott schuman, Alessandro Squarzi, Angelo Flaccavento, Carlos Castillo, Fabrizio Rollo, Florence, Gianluca Cantaro, Lino Ieluzzi, Luca Rubinacci, Luciano Barbera, Nick Wooster, Nicola Ricci, Pitti Uomo, Sam Lambert, Simone Righi

The Sartorialist is one of my favorite blogs founded by fashion photographer Scott Schuman. Every week you’re up dated through his eyes on fashion and style from the most atmospheric streets in Paris, Milan, Florence and many other stylish spots in the world. This film is Scott’s dream of cool lunch “just with my favorite guys together in one room!” which he and his partner at The Sartorialist got the idea to after a visit at the true italian Tratotteria Cammillo in Florence.

Quotes from The Sartorialist“Doesn’t this place look like the best fashion story ever?” … “Real, cool, diverse– It’s like if all the best dressed guys I know got together for lunch….. We should just do that!  Get my favorite guys together in one room, it would be so much fun. These guys have so much in common and yet, for most of them, their paths never cross. Just imagine, someone like Gianluca, with his dreadlocks and modern-minimalist aesthetic sitting next to Lino, with his old-school Italian charm…. Mr. Kurino and Simone Righi discussing their first suit, Kanye and Terron talking about whatever it is those two super funny characters could dream up… I’m just guessing, but I bet these guys would really hit it off. What a great way to forge new friendships.” Read a bit more about the team here.


Royal Spring tables

royal copenhagen, dinner table, easter, springtime, påskefrokost, blog about food and design yummi design, yummi design studio art director signe boyeI was having lunch with a good friend of mine the other day, at The Royal Café.  Where you can taste lovely bites of traditional danish “smørrebrød” made in their own unique smushi style, petite and creative on rye – very tasteful bites. And I love that I can dine on various of Royal Copenhagen’s oh so fine china and getting it served by tattooed laidback servants – a lovely mix of Royal history with updated coolness. On my way out I took a piece of royal Spring for your Easter tables with me – all from Royal Copenhagen’s windows.


PHOTO: Yummi Design


Fäviken – Rising Northern Star


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Fäviken restaurant is one of the restaurants in Scandinavia which I find really interesting. It is part of the trendy Nordic cuisine and is headed by chef Magnus Nilsson. He has been trained by some of the best restaurants in France (L’Arpege and L’Astrance) and he has opened Fäviken Restaurant in one of the most cold places, in the middle of the Swedish woods, 750 km north of Stockholm. The menu are far from ordinary and filled with local wild ingredients such as moose, eel, hare, wild herbs and mushrooms. The restaurant is named to be “The Best Rising Star of Nordic Cooking” of The Guardian among others. I would love to have that extraordinary experience to visit Fäviken Restaurant once. Until then, I’m really excited that chef Magnus Nilsson has chosen to publish a book about his Nordic restaurant adventure in the woods. So until we are the lucky ones on Fäviken’s attractive, 3 month long reservation list, I will enjoy chef Nilsson cookbook at home. Enjoy Fäviken, the landscape and chef Nilsson in the below film. (PHOTO: Fäviken, published by Phaidon October 2012).



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The first time I came home from New York, I remember that I simply did not believe that we were about to land in Copenhagen Airport. The little village down there with the red tiled roofs just was not the capital of Denmark! We are small… but hey… not tiny! Everything is just smaller and much slower when you land after a trip over there. It’s time again – next week my friend and I are going to NYC. I’m finding inspiration into new, exciting places that taste and surprise. Not hard to find in NYC, but very difficult to choose and limit. We’re so excited. And by the few pictures above I can already feel the energy.

PHOTOS + INSPIRATIONLIST from top and down: Lucky Peach by McSweeney & Momofuko restaurants, People’s pops, Empire Mayonnaise shop at Grub Street, The Mast Brothers‘ chocolate factory in Brooklyn.

Grand cafe for everyone


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One of the sites with interior design I keep returning to is Usine’s site -a restaurant with this great name “Usine le plus grand cafe du monde” – A grand cafe for everyone! I have never visited it, only through these pictures, the link I have stored on my computer. It affects just something nostalgic and modern. A good atmosphere, where the old Philips building is the base and it keeps appearing when I am looking for colors and inspiration. I have to go to Eindhoven and visit the Grand Café Usine one day – feel the atmosphere and taste their kitchen.

PHOTO Arjen Schmitz

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