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Yummi colors on the table

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organic shaped glazed ceramics by Kevin Wilcoxson.

peach matte Geo storage from Normann Copenhagen

mint, matte grinders from danish Menu

soak in a bath with natural calming scents and salts from Leif

Mae Engelgeer’s versatile blanket in neons, pastels and blacks.

Enjoy all above from Leif shop




fall snacking, dean and deluca, yummi design for snacking, salty, sweets, yummi design blog about food and design, signe funch boye art directorI have been so lucky working on packaging designs for various snacks these past months and in the meantime the weather has turned into a cold late summer, it feels like Fall – windy, moody + rainy. This gives us plenty of excuses to go inside snacking on mmmm … all sweet-salty-spicy-yummi and very, very crunchy … I found all above tasty + delicious packages at Dean&Deluca’s snackshop: smoked organic Califonia paprika almonds, Vermont cheese powder for homemade popcorn or savory crunchy crostini slides, Mast brothers dark chocolate & sea salt (my favorite!), and popcorn with parmesan & rosemary – let it rain, let it rain!
All Photos from Dean & Deluca

0 kcal potato chips!

spiffthing, patoto chips, fatfree patatochips, memos, thing for your desk, skrivebords note, notes, gul seddel, foodie things, funny notes, huskeseddel, signe boye art director, grafisk designer signe boye, yummi design studio og blog om mad og design, mad og designSo great – crisp paper memos. From Fancy, design by SpiffThing.

Got salt?

harvey nichols food, food from UK london store harvey nichols, selfridge food, salt from selfridge, yummi foods, gourmet salts, private label designs, design til madvarer, fødevarer, design til fødevarerproducenter, signe funch boye grafisk designer, design til fødevarer, yummi design grafisk design studio, art director signe boye

I have 3-4-5 different types of salt in my kitchen – actually I’m not sure how many. The latest one I bought in France. Not a designer fancy one just a simple Sel de Fine – it is a plain very fine sea salt. It is not too fine, not too salty, just perfect plain sea salt. I kind of regret not having bought a few! Perfect for my eggs in the morning. Some of my friends really have a laugh over me when I start explaining the differences in all my types of salt (nerd!) but they smile when they taste them in a nice combo with the right kinds of food. On my dinner table I always have a tiny bowel of sea salt flakes from Camargue in France. But the above ones are very good types too I think. And great packaging designs too.

Pictured salts above and down: 1) Flor de Sel 2) Smoked Sea Salt 3) Sal de Ibiza.

For a jazzy picnic


vipp salt og pebersæt, salt and peber from vipp, design within reach, heller dinnerware set, salt and pepper mill set, picnic box, picnic lunch box, metal box, boks til picnic, frokostsæt, yummidesign, signe boye

These days it is summer… July…  it should be warm, high sky and loads of sun!! But not here in Copenhagen. Copenhagen Jazz Festival is all over and it helps a lot! Is it bit cold, rainy, windy and heavy grey sky. I am a true optimist and have planned a picnic in Kongens Have (freely transalated: The King’s Garden!) which is full of jazz bands during the festival, I believe the sun will join us too. Love to have the bike trailer packed with the above picnic serving goodies! Tiffin Lunch Box Set, Heller Dinnerware Set, Vipp Salt and Pepper Mill Set + some Hay tea towels – all found here.



strandküche design for spices, tyske krydderier, design til krydderier, strandküche til krydderier, design til madvarer, kvalitets krydderier, packaging design, grafisk design, yummi design, signe boye

Krydderier på fine farverige dåser fra Strandküche.

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