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Ooohhh… Hawaii – let’s go


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Planning a trip to Hawaii.
In my mind.
Meanwhile I will make some beautiful Hawaiian Poke bowls (pronounced po-kee or po-kay).

It is all about freshly caught raw fish (also octopus, squid, crap, white, red, whatever fish fresh from the boat you can get – and love).

I got very inspired by the veggie specialist, chef Sarah Britton to make a veggie version of the dish too. Which I share with you on all the pictures – find her Poke vegan version recipe here. It taste and looks so perfect – I love how she has found beets ind a “tuna” red color. LOVELY!

I’m not only into veggies. I eat a rainbow of proteins (from meats, poultry, fish etc.), healthy oils and veggies every day. That makes both versions perfect suitable to me.

Yummidesign, poke, sarah britton, my new roots, recipe, yummi design all about food, food design, design for food producers, healthy, vegetarian, fish dish

It is pure simple and easy: poke means ” to slice or cut the fish crosswise into pieces”. Small fine squares just a bite size of high quality raw fish.

Dressed and spiced up with a mayo for a creamy version (lovely with a tiny bit of wasabi!) or like the classic version below.

Yummidesign, poke, sarah britton, my new roots, recipe, yummi design all about food, food design, design for food producers, healthy, vegetarian, fish dish

4 portions: 500 grams of fresh fish suitable for raw food – no bones or skin (your choice: tuna, dorado, salmon etc.). Make sure the fish is 100% fresh and suitable for raw food, always ask at your local fish shop.
Slice it crosswise the fish’s structures which looks like a fine pattern of “lines” – slice through the lines. Not “along” the lines. Octopus or crabs etc do not have “lines” you can just cut them into fine bite sizes.

1 dl. top from spring onions, the greens only – in ultra fine slices, 2 spsk. sesame oil, 3 spsk. glutenfree soya sauce, juice and zest from one organic lemon, good sea salt – fresh ground peber to taste. Mix it up. Sesame seeds for topping.

Make a simpel – a really fast – but BEAUTIFUL bowl with Poke and veggies – just think rainbow! All kind of colors side by side. One bowl per person.

Bottom base = a handful of green leafs: spinach, kale, crisp salats, maybe a bit brown rice or quinoa mixed with the salads.

On top you make the rainbow: The poke – aprox 120 grams per person/per bowl, plus different veggies you have already. Fine sliced carrots, a bit of extra onions in small chopped up sizes, a handful of fresh asparagus (pre cooked for 2-3 min.), red/yellow bell peppers, some cucumbers in ultra fine slices. Built it all up in a bowel, colors by colors – it takes 3 min and looks soooo pretty – easy peasy done. Top with sesame seeds or desiccated toasted coconut.

♥ Enjoy!

Yummidesign, poke, sarah britton, my new roots, recipe, yummi design all about food, food design, design for food producers, healthy, vegetarian, fish dish

All pictures: Sarah Britton / MY NEW ROOTS.

Sushi Taro

sushi taro, noi sushi chef, elsinore, helsingør sushi restaurant, sushi restaurant, sudergade, fusions sushi, yummi design blog all about foodWauuuu … as beautiful as this sushi looks as good (and bit better) it tasted! Had to show you! I went to Helsingør the other day to visit a good friend of mine who had bought the most delicate sushi for us. First I had to just enjoy the colors – my friends waited patiently while I took pictures and pictures and pictures! And then: So yummi … taste, textures, all kinds of fine and simple touches of sauces and perfect cruncy details combined with fresh fish which all made the sushi so special and very good. My friend had let the sushi chef Noi, at Sushi Taro, mix his favorites and specialities. I will do the same next time I come by – what a yummi surprice. Visit Sushi Taro in Helsingør/Elsinore here.


PHOTOS: Signe Funch Boye ©


California dreaming


A few summers back… hmmmm… well, before kids, house, husband etc, I went on a long two month awesome vacation to sunny California which I still remember as one of the greatest summers in my life (before J+emma+albert) I lived at my friend Michelle’s house in Ocean Beach in San Diego and I travelled from this base by the sea to Oregon, Big Sur, LA, Mexico – well, we travelled to a lot of places. I remember one early evening we got totally freshly caught Mako Shark in soft tacos at the local beach bar. I have never tasted anything the like this fish since – so fantastic! I have been back a few times since I never found the fresh Mako shark but the California beach feeling is still amazing I think. The finest golden sand, grilled fresh fish, good friends, loads of frozen Magaritas and the most spectacular ocean views. This film by photographer Ditte Isager reminds me so much of my first “west” visit. Enjoy Ditte Isager‘s website and get inspired by her oh so fantastic work here.

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PHOTO/FILM Ditte Isager


Food lowers Paradise at lower Manhatten


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Last week Yummi Design was on an tasty trip to New York. One of the pleasures of the US and especially New York, is the diversity and courage in the various kitchens and from the food producers which we can not match here in Denmark in the same scale. It is then a matter of taste where you want to go, how far you will go, but there are no doubt flavors enough for everyone in NYC.
Sunday we visited the New Amsterdam Market situated close to the touristy Pier 17, under the Lower Manhattan FDR Drive highway. This is where producers for Manhattan’s gourmet kitchens meet every Sunday and sell their lovely, tasty products. It’s a food lover paradise with all the local farm fresh produce selling handpicked heirloom tomatoes to made -to-go Maine lobster rolls. New Amsterdam Market showcases a wide selection of local farmers, artisans, purveyors, and independent small moms + pops food business. Each vendors are specialized in a particular food and are a connoisseur and more importantly passionate in what they do.
This Sunday was the “International Meats Local New Amsterdam Market”festival. New Amsterdam Market and the Vendy Awards had decided to put together this sustainable food meet-n-eat. Five of the Vendy’s favorite vendors, including SolberPupusas, Guadalupe’s Tamales, Eggs Travaganza, A-Pou’s Taste, and Veronica’s Kitchen, got charged with recreating their iconic internationally flavored dishes using locally sourced ingredients and humanely raised meats. A super exciting and tasteful experience.
As you can see above, just as nice to walk around and sniff in the products and talk with the producers of the delicious foods, hear their story, feel their passion for the products. I love it all, fell for examble for ice cream maker A Bent Spoon, wauuu…: one scoop of chocolate with a gentle touch of lavender, all ingredients (like all the others at the New Amsterdam Market) sustainably, organic, from local producers, the best of the best, different and artisan. And a scoop of mint + crunchy cocoa nips. So yummi! There are many tasteful vendors at New Amsterdam Market, and I have to mention Luke’s Lobster which I would like to take home to replace a single hot dog vendor in Copenhagen: a fresh, sustainably caught Maine lobster and shrimp roll – to go – oh yes, please! Visit the vendors websites in the text above + below – enjoy…
PHOTOS by Yummi Design
1 The old fish market building by the market,  2 cauliflower from Do Re Me Farms, 3 Charming buildings by South Street, 3 The Bent Spoon ice cream, 4 PH Soda Co.’s syrup, 5 mmmm… taster!, 6 Organic beans from Cedar Circle Farm



Yummi lobster

I’m a big fan of German Sarah Illenberger’s fine styling + photos of all kinds of things + foods. Enjoy her work here.

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