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yummi school lunch, picnic box, fun every day, school day, madpakker, skolemad, yummi design, cup of jo blog, photographer Photos by Yossy Arefi for Cup of Jo

yummi school lunch, picnic box, fun every day, school day, madpakker, skolemad, yummi design, cup of jo blog, photographer Photos by Yossy Arefi for Cup of Jo

yummi school lunch, picnic box, fun every day, school day, madpakker, skolemad, yummi design, cup of jo blog, photographer Photos by Yossy Arefi for Cup of Jo

So we moved! We packed it aaaaaall up over months – we had tooooo many things! Gave a lot of it to the Red Cross shops and then left the cosy suburb and the stylish house. No we are not broke or are about getting a divorce or got a minor stroke. We just had too much to do with the house and things and stuff and decorating the garden and and and only one life.  We moved into the most lovely old apartment from 1902 in the heart of the CPH city’s East side. No lawn. But a park with plenty of lawn just around the corner. And time to do the above lunch boxes for the kids, instead of mowing the lawn. Dazzling in the park and not mowing the lawn. And two minutes distance to EVERYTHING on bikes and NOT spending time in endless car jams on the way home. And it feels sooooo yummi. Oh yes we do enjoy!

INSPIRATION blog post about EASY LUNCH BOXES find it at CUP of JO. Photo from CUP OF JO.



fall snacking, dean and deluca, yummi design for snacking, salty, sweets, yummi design blog about food and design, signe funch boye art directorI have been so lucky working on packaging designs for various snacks these past months and in the meantime the weather has turned into a cold late summer, it feels like Fall – windy, moody + rainy. This gives us plenty of excuses to go inside snacking on mmmm … all sweet-salty-spicy-yummi and very, very crunchy … I found all above tasty + delicious packages at Dean&Deluca’s snackshop: smoked organic Califonia paprika almonds, Vermont cheese powder for homemade popcorn or savory crunchy crostini slides, Mast brothers dark chocolate & sea salt (my favorite!), and popcorn with parmesan & rosemary – let it rain, let it rain!
All Photos from Dean & Deluca

0 kcal potato chips!

spiffthing, patoto chips, fatfree patatochips, memos, thing for your desk, skrivebords note, notes, gul seddel, foodie things, funny notes, huskeseddel, signe boye art director, grafisk designer signe boye, yummi design studio og blog om mad og design, mad og designSo great – crisp paper memos. From Fancy, design by SpiffThing.

A very rainy day…

yummi design pandekager, æg, æg opskrifter, pandekager, pancakes, emma boye, signe boye, art direction, signe boye grafisk designer, blog about food and design

It is just one of those Mondays. A very rainy one. Our car is an old lady from 1982, a Mercedes so very fine, a pleasure to drive… but it did not want to go anywhere this morning. And it rained. A lot. Emma was not feeling well. The flu? My son and I off to kindergarden. I went to a meeting. Emma got a day off and went to work with my husband. I had no key!? And it rained. A lot. I looked so fab in mascara all over and in a too old plus size xxlarge raincoat. Scarry Halloween mom? Back to the office and then back to my studio on my bike. It never stopped raining. Nope. So lovely. We just got cured by pancakes and some hot coco. It still rains. The car is already back from the mechanic, fast and expensive – well it is still Monday. But we had a great day.

Paper boats


a+r store, designer salads bowels, serving set, paper boat serving set, yummi design til mad producenter, produktion af mad, design til madvarer, art director signe boye, signe boye grafisk designer ejer af yummi design

Sometimes I have a dream of a house by the sea. An old dream I surely share with many. It should be by the ocean, not a lake. I want the sea fog, taste and smell of salt, high and low water, calm and stormy, high sky. But right now are my family and I living in a house 4 km from Copenhagen’s inner city center in that part of town called Vanløse (freely translated: No Water!). But but… we do have a Hello Kitty pool in the backyard – and it’s actually really nice here. I think that the above dishes will give our summer garden tables a bit of maritime vibes and then we drive out to the sea when the beach weather comes around. Meanwhile I’ll put my feet in the pink pool in the backyard ;o) Find the paper boat serving sets here

Food lowers Paradise at lower Manhatten


new amsterdam market i new york, yummi design in nyc, new yorker food, mad i new york, market in nyc, markeder i new york city, madoplevelser i usa, usa, signe boye i new york, mad design i new york usa, yummi design i new york usa, blog om design og mad, blog about food and design

Last week Yummi Design was on an tasty trip to New York. One of the pleasures of the US and especially New York, is the diversity and courage in the various kitchens and from the food producers which we can not match here in Denmark in the same scale. It is then a matter of taste where you want to go, how far you will go, but there are no doubt flavors enough for everyone in NYC.
Sunday we visited the New Amsterdam Market situated close to the touristy Pier 17, under the Lower Manhattan FDR Drive highway. This is where producers for Manhattan’s gourmet kitchens meet every Sunday and sell their lovely, tasty products. It’s a food lover paradise with all the local farm fresh produce selling handpicked heirloom tomatoes to made -to-go Maine lobster rolls. New Amsterdam Market showcases a wide selection of local farmers, artisans, purveyors, and independent small moms + pops food business. Each vendors are specialized in a particular food and are a connoisseur and more importantly passionate in what they do.
This Sunday was the “International Meats Local New Amsterdam Market”festival. New Amsterdam Market and the Vendy Awards had decided to put together this sustainable food meet-n-eat. Five of the Vendy’s favorite vendors, including SolberPupusas, Guadalupe’s Tamales, Eggs Travaganza, A-Pou’s Taste, and Veronica’s Kitchen, got charged with recreating their iconic internationally flavored dishes using locally sourced ingredients and humanely raised meats. A super exciting and tasteful experience.
As you can see above, just as nice to walk around and sniff in the products and talk with the producers of the delicious foods, hear their story, feel their passion for the products. I love it all, fell for examble for ice cream maker A Bent Spoon, wauuu…: one scoop of chocolate with a gentle touch of lavender, all ingredients (like all the others at the New Amsterdam Market) sustainably, organic, from local producers, the best of the best, different and artisan. And a scoop of mint + crunchy cocoa nips. So yummi! There are many tasteful vendors at New Amsterdam Market, and I have to mention Luke’s Lobster which I would like to take home to replace a single hot dog vendor in Copenhagen: a fresh, sustainably caught Maine lobster and shrimp roll – to go – oh yes, please! Visit the vendors websites in the text above + below – enjoy…
PHOTOS by Yummi Design
1 The old fish market building by the market,  2 cauliflower from Do Re Me Farms, 3 Charming buildings by South Street, 3 The Bent Spoon ice cream, 4 PH Soda Co.’s syrup, 5 mmmm… taster!, 6 Organic beans from Cedar Circle Farm



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