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Jamie Oliver’s Yummi Recipease food and kitchen store

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Occasionally my clients ask me: do we really need all that fancy design we just want to produce good food and sell it. Does design sell quality food products, isn’t it okay to start out with a simpel information sticker and a logo on top, or just make it personal with a signature (which no one can read anyway!). I can come up with a loooong explanation about standing out, telling stories, detailed concepts, being noticed and remembered, giving and the few seconds we have (or rather: we might are lucky to have!) to get attention in a store among hundreds of products. Look at this above, Recipease food and kitchen store in London, we would love to go in there NOW, right. It just would not be the same without that pink facade. It stands out. And that is just the beginning. Then you step inside: a store full of a top celeb chef’s goodies and recipes. Everybody would love to have Jamie Oliver’s food universe, or just a bite, and at this place you get a little bit closer. You can not just buy food, you can also take cooking classes, meet famous chefs, buy healthy and nutritious takeaway, kitchen tools, cookbooks, or just relax at the café. The whole concept is very nicely presented in a oh so edible designs from A to Z. Look at the takeaway packaging! Maybe you feel even a little bit at home at Recipease, it’s cozy, detailed, and everything smells so nicely of Jamie Oliver’s homemade and freshly prepared dishes. I like! I want to come back and spend hours there. And it is not just for the food.

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Yummi visits Empire mayo in Brooklyn


empire mayo, gourmet mayo in new york, shop med mayonaise i new york, gourmet luxury mayo shop in new york, yummi design visits new york, signe boye grafisk designer, diversitet i mad, new foods, organic eggs, eggs i mayo, chili, wasabi, brown butter mayo, brooklynI’ve written a post before about Empire Mayonnaise because I think designer Elizabeth Valleau’s packaging design is super great but also because I believe that they are making a difference in the market they have been moving onto. The chef behind the mayonnaise is Sam Mason and he runs the business with Elizabeth. Empire Mayonnaise is a high end gourmet mayonnaise which dare to make different mayo variants + is only made by the best organic, local ingredients. I had visit them in Brooklyn when I was in New York earlier this summer. For a Dane as me it is rather unique that they have managed to set up an Empire Mayonnaise shop in Brooklyn. The shop is in connection with their mayo laboratory as Sam Mason’s kitchen undoubtedly looks like and you can have a small peek at it in the shop.

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I met Elizabeth in the middle of an interview with New York Times which I managed to interrupt before I quickly found the door and took a walk around the block! The shop is a pure white room where the small jars of mayo are lined up on shelves + (very important) plenty of tastings. I fell for the thick brown butter version and one with hot wasabi. Furthermore, I am great chili mayo fan so I had to have one of them home with me. Elizabeth explained to me how their mayo is made from local organic eggs and how they have changed their recipe and flipped it a bit in a natural way to get their ingredients to last for two months in the closed small glasses without additive substances. So this mayo is made by pure, organic oil, eggs and spices. Manhattan high end restaurants and hip hotels are their primary clients and they have managed to get a share of the tables which before had boring Hellmann ‘s mayonnaise on. Empire Mayonnaise is not just about business but it started with a passion for making better mayo in a high end quality made by the best organic ingredients in all kinds of interesting variations. They have made mayo interesting.  After I got back to Copenhagen I am still a great fan of the wasabi (on a steak sandwich it is… wauuu!)  + the saffron is fantastic with white fish (can be added in a sauce) mmmm…

PHOTOS: Yummi Design

All we need is …


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Designs for food is unfortunately not just sweet and edible pastels and trendy typographic solutions, but also serious tests of consumer behavior. Last week I attended a day seminar at the Danish Ecological Association of Ecological consumerbehavior. A very exciting day with some of the nation’s leading organic producers who, as I listened with great interest to lecturers, the expert knowledge of the female consumer (some of the experts here + here). For although we write 2012 it is still a “lady” who decides what to put in the shopping cart, so it’s her we would want to capture with the most delicious organic foods. The illustration is one out of 8 illustrations I have designed for the Danish Organic Association’s annual program 2012.


ILLUSTRATION Signe Boye – Yummi Design

GIVEAWAY lovely Ch2ocolates…

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YUMMI KONKURRENCE 4. advent og jeg har fået en skøn chokoladeæske fra Damian Allshop Ch2ocolates (baseret i Kent, England. Chokolade lavet med særlig kildevand + de bedste råvarer). Min æske er den lidt anderledes The Chef’s Collection. Æsken er super lækker (design), og gemmer på strømlinede, enkelte choko-bidder (yummi!). Chokoladen i denne æske er specielt “designede” til Michelin restauranter og fornemme hoteller i England bl.a Danesfield House og Casamia. Giver en god historiefortælling for hver smagsoplevelse og for æsken som helhed. Min favorit er Liquorice & Lime (Hotel Tresanton) dyb, mørk ganache, med strejf af syre og lakrids (foto nederst tv.) mmmm… VIL DU VINDE EN ÆSKE? Skriv en lille, glad kommentar her forneden. Konkurrencen udløber den 23. december hvor vinderen udtrækkes. RIGTIG GOD JUL.

SPECIAL GIVE AWAY Hey, you can win The Chef’s Collection by chocolatier + pastry chef Damian Allshop. For European countries only. Please, leave a happy comment below (+ remember to add an email in the box, which you use daily), the winner will be chosen next Friday December 2011. MERRY + YUMMI CHRISTMAS.

LAST WEEK’S WINNER: Anette Frandsen ;o)

Photo: Yummi Design.

Jul i Din Baghave


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Ååååhh… juletiden er forunderlig hvis og når den er fyldt med de bedste råvarer. Ris a la manden får jeg kun en gang om året, og den skal efter min mening syne og knase af sorte prikker fra fede, store vaniljestænger + endnu mere knas fra smagfulde spanske mandler, og et lille riv bitter mandel for at løfte smagen fra mandlerne. Den “koges” allerførst i timevis i dynerne og er kun rørt med de bedste økologiske mælkeprodukter. Toppes med syrlig/søde kirsebær, også af højeste kvalitet. Jeg fandt de fineste ingredienser og endnu mere til, til juledagene, hos Din Baghave. Jeg købte også perlespelt, som jeg bytter grødrisen ud med. Den særlige kirsebærsauce som Din Baghave har, har vi allerede prøvet på kanel/vaniljeis  – waauuuu… det er ikke sjask, men masser af bær, fyldt med smag. Den er fantastisk! Den er lavet af søde kirsebær (Mette oplyste at kirsebærsauce normalt er lavet af sure kirsebær!). I julekassen kom der også: tørrede kirsebær, Friis-Holm chokolade, ren økologisk marcipan og dadler til mmm…konfekt + en hvid ribssaft til rødkål og andet. Alle varene er fra danske producenter (undtagen den fede Bourbon vanilje). Grøntsagerne til julebordet henter jeg i næste uge i Tullinsgade, så er vi juleklar! Besøg Din Baghave her.

Husk konkurrencen fra 3. advent OG der kommer en ny på søndag 4. advent.

Photo: Yummi Design.


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Wauu… bøger på gulvet + i loftet, sildeparket på væggen, bliver næsten rundtosset, og jeg gætter man ikke skal have for mange dobbelte espresso for at blive top hype på D’Espresso i New York, tjek deres fine kaffe site her.

Andre Yummi foto indlæg her + New York Deli her.

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