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Organic summer day


økologisk landsforening, økologi, organic, how to organic, naturfrisk sodavand, økologisk smør, æggebakke, irma, signe boye grafisk designer, design til butik, salg af økologiske varer, økologiske producenter, jordbærkage, ny smag til økologiske varer, de bedste råvarer, salat med blomster, københavns madhus, art direction, yummi designA summer day in Copenhagen Madhus with the best organic producers. A day organized by Økologisk Landsforening which they have filled with inspiration and knowledge about the hard years organic farmers have been through but also how much better it is today and how much market share and shelf availability in stores they have managed to get today. Although the financial crisis has been raging for some years now is the organic market had a pretty good growth. On such a day are served, of course, all kinds of exciting food and here at the top I have shown the breakfast tray which is an egg carton filled with small breads, jam, salmon and eggs (great idea for a picnic box!). There were wonderful dishes for lunch including salads with small fresh broccoli and flowers. For dessert, a plate “make your own strawberry tart” and see just how beautiful it was with petit marzipan tarts sweet strawberries and fluffy vanilla cream and other delights. A very nice summer day in Madhuset.

Easy living

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I am the easiest consumer in the world, if you just make my life a tiny bit easier with two children aged 3 and 4 years – then I’m all in. Aarstiderne (in English “Seasons”) is one of my really good friends. I get a box delivered from Aarstiderne every week with all children and adults can manage to eat of wonderful organic fruits + vegetables. In certain periods with no time for shopping I also get their meal boxes and love that I am being challenged with new recipes and interesting vegetables. This weekend we were off to the woods but ended up at Aarstiderne to refuel. There they got a hold of me again: freshly baked cake with white chocolate/marzipan and orange syrup (the photo above) who can say no to that!? A steaming well done espresso on the side, a bit farm yard shopping with the most delicious products, fresh air, playing in the hay with the kids + a swing for the smallest.  A few hours later were all tired, mmmm … that’s an easy Sunday.
More info + arrangements etc. at Aarstiderne here.

PHOTO Yummi Design – CHEF TINE Aarstiderne’s special spring cake

Sweet bites


yummi design illustration of cakes, cakes by illustrator signe boye, signe boye illustrations, illustrations by yummi design, design for foodies, signe boye art directorIt is Alberts (my youngest) 3 years birthday on Monday. So it’s about time to find out what cake or cakes we should have for his party on Sunday. The illustrations that I drew a few months ago was inspiration to sweet petit treats (not cup cakes). I would love to try out Popelinis, or make DIY S’more kits for everybody – or create a lot of colorful cake pops from my Bakerella book. But but but the week is top packed and Albert loves Jack Sparrow, so we probably end up with a daaangerous pirate cake.

ILLUSTRATION  Yummi Design copyrighted



paris tur yummidsign, yummi design til madvarere, grafisk design, ekslusivt grafisk design, designer signe boye, art director signe boye

Mad-markederne i Paris (eller hvor som helst syd på!) har det mest fantastiske udvalg. Mere end 17 forskellige slags østers har denne stand, inkl. et hjørne på standen, til de friske kunder der må have en østers med det samme!

WHERE Rue du Marché Popincourt, 75011 Paris, Frankrig

FOTO  Yummi Design

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Giraudet soupe to-go Paris

yummi design in paris, paris goumet butik, take away gourmet, emballage design, design til suppe, skønne supper, butik med saucer og supper i paris, signe boye art director, nye inputs til mad, nyt design, design til madvarerGiraudet soupe, er en suppebar i Paris. Du kan købe en suppe to-go, eller nyde en i baren. Du kan også købe andet tilbehør to-go bl.a. saucer til bøffen. Brødet står og koldhæver i disken i timer, før det bages, eller du tager det med og bager det færdigt hjemme. Varianterne er virkelig smagfulde og inspirende, supper med hibiscus og rabarbar, mango og kokos m.fl.. Det er fyldt med smukke farver og lækre emballager. De fangede mig, ved at udstille 2 suppe flasker helt enkelt, på en lille opsats, midt i vinduet. Det mest simple er ofte det mest iøjenfaldende.

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Photo: Yummi Design

Late summer picnic

carina ahlburg, design for picnic, picnic design, industiel design, design til bordet, design til mad, maddesign, yummidesign, grafisk design til madvarer

carina ahlburg, design for picnic, picnic design, industiel design, design til bordet, design til mad, maddesign, yummidesign, grafisk design til madvarer

Måske kan vi lige nå det, mmmmm… ? Er vindblæst efter en dag i Valby parken, håber på Indian Summer og Carina Ahlburgs picnic sæt senere på måneden.

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