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Kill it with kindness

KILL-IT_POSTER-1LOVE PIPPI (below poster quote). Just one of my favorite quotes after a crazy week with everything just got a bit too crazy to the bad side. BAM. Not fair. BUT smiling helps. It does not pay the rent, but it helps. Did you know that kids smile aprox 400 times a day? How many times do you smile a day? And how many smiles do you get back in return? See. That’s why good people go to heaven or… where ever they rest in peace. They have not only a positive good karma effect on themselves but also a damn nice effect on your’s and my world. KILL IT WITH KINDNESS – that is what most good people are brought up with (NOT everybody but most people are ; ) How true. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE.
You only have now – make it the best one.


“I have never tried that before, so I think I should definitely be able to do that.” Pippi Longstocking

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♥ ENJOY. Make the world smile.

POSTERS All design copyright Yummi Design · Art director Signe Boye



Just do it …

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Time flies …

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My Emma’s day. A lovely, sunny Spring day – with friends and family. Big 9. It is just a few years before she get too old for hugs and mom’s kisses. A pre teen age full of “I’m a big cool girl/I’m a tiny, little girl-essues”. The time flies so very fast. Love to have a rewind buttom. Or just a pause to enjoy it all a bit more.

“Time flies, whether you’re wasting it or not.” ― Crystal Woods



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Claudia Pearson’s bright designs

claudia pearson design, etsy, design for everyday live, yummi design blog about food and design, art director signe funch boyeI will always be a fan of Claudia’s lovely colorful + simple illustrations and these bright design prints on everyday items are so cool: market totes, tea towels and the oh so yummi aprons. I like. I want. Enjoy Claudia’s designs here all on Etsy.


welcome new year


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Thank you for stopping by yummi design blog in 2012.

Have a yummi evening and night, a happy new year,
only the best for all of you in ’13. S

DESIGN: yummi design + veuve clicquot champagne

Yummi Design Organic bag

yummi design taske for økologisk landsforening, design økologisk landsforening, økologisk landsforening taske, elsk spis lev økologisk taske af yummi design, yummi design tekster, art direction signe boye yummi design, yummi design bag design, taske design, tekstforfatter, grafisk design, grafisk design til madproducenter, design til madvarer, emballagedesign, økologiske madvarer, økologisk rådgivning, rådgivningen hos økologisk landsforening, medlemsskab økologisk landsforening, yummi design blog om mad og design, eco logical, organic health, design for food producersI designed the bag this summer for Økologisk Landsforening (The Danish Organic Association). They wanted a bag that could replace their year-old purple shopping bag which did not have the greatest interest among their male members and clients. That was my briefing for the design. I came up with the text (text freely translated: love, eat, live, eco logical) and the hand-drawn style as basic graphic elements on the bag in discrete olive green and dark gray shades.



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