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Just do it …

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Sun fun time out


yummi design, blog about food and design, spis ude, dansk sommer, danske radiser, havestemning, udeliv, signe boye art director, grafisk designer signe boye, grafisk design til madvarerPalm trees, fun, fun, fun, sun, gallons of iced latte, wauuu … finally I’m on vacation! I have been working since Christmas non stop. My body is not happy! Since the beginning of this year so many great things has come along and I’m too curious a person to turn them down. I have designed books – healthy for body and mind, plus I worked with DDB for McDonald’s, and just this week IKEA contacted me they want to make a feature about my home. I said yes yes yes – and my body said: palm trees NOW. So here I am by the pool in eastern corner of the Mediterranean – sipping freezing coffees in the sun + splashing a lot in the turquoise water with my kids – no work, no deadlines, just fun. I really have to be better at this. Have fun & enjoy – I will.


Sweet Valentine


valentines, yummidesign, signe boye art direktor, pinterest, pin your life at pinterest, art direction for food, food adds, grafisk design til madvarer, madvarer producent, design til madvarer, signe boye yummidesign, yummi design signe funch boyeHey, it is time for sweets and plenty of heart shapes, lovely. Illustration here.

Can’t buy happiness…


pinterest, yummi design, blog about design. design for foods, design for madvarer, signe boye art director, grafisk design illustration af mad, tekst til mad, grafisk designer signe boye

Oh how true + great type design. Found it via here

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