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Savory book wishes


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My clients Niels & Grete who are organic egg producers have learned me a lot about organic poultry farming, chickens’ wellbeing and needs and funny moods. My fridge always contains lots of their eggs and I make all kinds of Eggs-dishes – but I would love to add the above inspiration: CHICKEN and EGG by Janice Cole to my cook book self. I don’t know if we ever get our own chickens in our garden (read: need more time!), but if you are planing on having chickens this book is also very helpful. In Denmark we have Signe Wenneberg – she is an fantastic inspiration + expert on gardening and how to get started with poultry farming at home. Find her books at her website (all in Danish).

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Yes, please, add more Feast and veggie colors into our kitchen… I especially find it hard to be inspired during the dark winter time. We do not have that many fresh, exotic vegetables here in Denmark during the wintertime (I like to eat and shop local + organic). I think FEAST – generous vegetarian meals for any eater and every appetite by Sarah Copeland will add some new + colorful energy to my vegetarian winter kitchen.


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The last book: Waffles – sweet, savory, simple – by Tara Duggan. Well, I might getting old. I’m not and has never been a great fan of aebleskiver and now is the time get it OUT. Aebleskiver is a small fried round sweet “dumpling” cake-thing we Danes eat from now until Christmas. Again and again during December. With sucker, jam… sweet with sweet on – I’m not a fan! (Sorry mom!). But I love crepes (with basic toppings: lemon juice + sucker) and I have a thing for waffles with fresh berries or a splash of simple dark, bitter, thick chocolate sauce. I think it is about time to add a new tool in my kitchen: a waffel maker (Santa: this one or this one please!). And the above book!


Yummi Design Organic bag

yummi design taske for økologisk landsforening, design økologisk landsforening, økologisk landsforening taske, elsk spis lev økologisk taske af yummi design, yummi design tekster, art direction signe boye yummi design, yummi design bag design, taske design, tekstforfatter, grafisk design, grafisk design til madproducenter, design til madvarer, emballagedesign, økologiske madvarer, økologisk rådgivning, rådgivningen hos økologisk landsforening, medlemsskab økologisk landsforening, yummi design blog om mad og design, eco logical, organic health, design for food producersI designed the bag this summer for Økologisk Landsforening (The Danish Organic Association). They wanted a bag that could replace their year-old purple shopping bag which did not have the greatest interest among their male members and clients. That was my briefing for the design. I came up with the text (text freely translated: love, eat, live, eco logical) and the hand-drawn style as basic graphic elements on the bag in discrete olive green and dark gray shades.



Frozen summer mmmm…


ice pops, shelly kaldunski lauren burke, photographer lauren burke, writer shelly kaldunski, pop recipe, ice home made, hjemmelavede ispinde, is, ispinde, yummi design, grahic ideas by signe boye, art direction signe boye for foodproducersHere we go: frozen home made summer pops – don’t you just want them – NOW! Found the color- and flavorful book with oh so lovely ice pop recipes this morning, a must-have-now book by Shelly Kaldunski and photographer Lauren Burk. Find it here. I’m definitely going to try the chocolate-vanilla swirls (bottom picture).

PHOTO from the book Ice Pop

Crunchy salad

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I am often asked for recipes. I’m not good at remembering that kind and I’m not a chef ;o) my cooking is juggling of tastes and colors and very impulsive. But this salad for lunch was so fantastic that it was a picture worthy and very easy to share with you. Spring cabbage into very fine strips. Scattered throughout an entire plate. The one I have here is organic and in the most beautiful purple color, usually spring cabbage is light green. Lightly roast some sesame seeds and desiccated coconut in a frying pan (or variate with other grains and nuts). Let them cool down. Pour a good sweet creamy balsamico glace over the cabbage, sprinkle with salt. Sprinkle the crunchy seeds and desiccated coconut over. You can add toppings such as chillies and fresh coriander. Enjoy.

PHOTO Yummi Design

The Geometry of Pasta

geometry of pasta book, Written by Jacob Kennedy and with illustrations by Caz Hildebrand, delicious design for cookbook, pasta cookbook, yummi design for cookbook, yummi design

Hvem havde troet at sort/hvide illustrationer kan få mundvandet til at stige? The Geometry of Pasta kan. Der findes 300 pastavarianter, så der er rigeligt vise igennem hele bogen og sammen med lækre nemme, autentiske opskrifter er den helt fantastisk. Skrevet af kok Jacob Kennedy/London, Soho restaurant Bocca di Lupo, illustreret af Caz Hildebrand/Nigella Lawsons grafiske muse. Om stilen kan bruges til andre fødevarer er en udfordring.

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