Food is the star at Dean&Deluca

Yummi design reviews Dean & Deluca. Love the design, love thier spicy flavour combinations and the package design.
Going soon to New York and I always visit Dean&Deluca mmmmm… gourmet foods. Have my eyes on this set of jams with bold black graphic illustrations and with unique flavor combinations: Raspberry Orange Blossom, Blueberry Sumac, Cranberry Spice, and Strawberry Hibiscus.
Everybody wants this ; ) D&D started this private label design in 2012 and all over the world all food designers try to capture the same elegant + homemade look with no gimmicks at all – over and over again ; ) The food is the star = oooohhhh yes please ; )

Love new spiced/sweet combinations – try something different – probably a nice combo for walnuts and a slice of Spanish cheese?
I always browse around at D&D to get new ideas for new package designs … never look like the rest of the shelf. Williams Family Kitchen’s intro statement is: “LISTEN, WE CAME UP WITH THIS SAUCE CAUSE WE GOT TIRED OF EATIN’ FOOD THE SAME OL’ WAY. EVERYONE LOVED IT, SO WE PARTNERED WITH DEAN & DELUCA TO BRING IT FROM OUR FAMILY TO YOURS. …”
Since 1992, my first visit at the Soho department, I wanted this set of spices. In these NO-PLASTIC-NO-WASTE-DAYS they make so much sense and they will have to make it in my suitecase back home ; )
Arrghhhrrr… edgy, spicyyyyy, top detail – love it!

All photos from DEAN & DELUCA webshop – visit here.

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