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merimekko, arne jacobsen, muuto, tea, tea time, dine with tea, green tea, black tea, india, indian tea, assam, signe boye grafisk designer, art director signe funch boye, signe boye designer til madproducenter, typo design, godt grafisk design, mad blog, blog om mad og designI learned to drink tea quite early. My father taught me the basics for tea brewing, how long tea should steep, how hot the water should be and how to scald and heat the tea pot up before using it and how to enjoy and taste it with no sugar or milk. Nothing but tea.

I have several old tea tin cans from my first trips as an 10 year-old in London and later in Oxford, which I still use for tea leaves. I loved (and still do) the small teahouses and the whole English tea room concept for lunch, earl grey in huge flowered cups, tiny cucumber sandwiches on the side. It is a world of cozy “Miss Marple” interiors in most of these beautiful tea rooms. Here some years later, I only shop tea in one shop in Copenhagen (Østerlandsk Tehus) I really had not noticed that it has become a tradition for me!? I buy 2-3 variations of green tea or a mix of green and black tea every second month or so. I love trying some new flavors and the ladies in the shop advises me every time because they are very different. I learned through the years how different teas should be treated for getting the best flavors as sweetness or freshness or what ever your tea leaves contains, to avoid bitterness and quite disturbing flavors.

That is my daily tea break.

This week I bought the organic tea KISS ME MONKEY – a Chai, a black tea from Assam (North India) with indian spices and bits of chocolate – so very yummi! Hope your weekend is filled with yummi breaks and not as mine with work – but I’m not complaining, it’s my brother’s day today CONGRATS Anders, the sun shines a bit and I’m going to a party tonight. Have a great weekend, enjoy.


PHOTOS all things found here: Muuto tea pod, Merimekko cup, Arne Jacobsen Milk can.

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