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Easy cosy Holiday by Whittard


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So I have these funny glimsy square eyes from playing Skylanders with my son for hours. It is soooo much vacation time at our house this week and I have filled the kitchen with easy, funny tastings for this week. Package design and convenience mmm…food came first when I shopped for Christmas in Magasin’s food department the other day. The Whittard “Praline Hot Chocolate” with tiny, fine marshmallows oooohhh… cute design with a two layered beautiful can plus easy made hot chocolate with a decadent nutty flavour – bring it on! The instant flavored coffee taste good… I actually did not expect it to (BUT had to taste it!). I’m not into coffee syrups, sucker sweetness in my coffee and bought a smooth vanilla (thinking it was less sweet and flavored!?) and I was surprised I liked it. It is not freshly ground espresso (Sherlock!) but it works as an easy instant and it keeps my eyes mild round and my fingers from the cookie jar to day (I had my share of sweets + cookies the past three days!) and no weird sweet after taste. Have a nice relaxed and tasteful Holiday out there.

Visit Whittard’s website here  ·  direct link to Whittard’s Praline Chocolate here  ·  Go to Magasin webshop here / bonus info SALE starts to day UDSALG starter i dag online!

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